Get back Evolve


Evolve stage 2 got little percent of players but why are you shut down servers?
This game is way better than other games i’d like to see more games of this type come on



TRS no longer owns the rights to the IP, and 2K were in charge of the server shutdown. If you have any problems, please contact 2K in regards.



Thank you for information



Petition to start calling servers “servees”? It just sounds cuter.



I’m on my phone, damn you. Shakes fist



No, a “servee” would be the person getting served, not the person doing the serving.



Hi WoLnieW, Welcome to the forums!

Evolve Stage 2 suffer the fate of publisher back shelving. As much as we wanted it to continue with TRS that just wasn’t it’s fate. But we do have this new property on its way to look forward too!



hello, welcome to the forums. it is always nice to see some people out there, still caring for the game.

((its a little hilarious but do not mind us, enjoy your stay!))

totally agree!! but sadly, Evolve is really under 2K now, and they want to put it to sleep.



How much would it cost for 2k to give evolve up?

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More money than any of us could ever pull together.



The truth hurts T_T

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I miss playing as Val. My fav character. Torvald my assault pick. Oooh Parnell was sucha dangerous spammer.

I miss trolling team mates with orbital cannon.

Goliath and Kraken were my favourite monsters. Bahh…

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Lennox was my favorite assault play so much fun, Griffin was my trapper you felt so much satisfaction stopping the monster from moving dropping the harpoon at the moment they started turning around just in time to have it up to fire again when they failed smacking it off.

The Wraith was my favorite monster to play with every playstyle. I have a video saved on my xbox of me winning as a stage 1 wraith. I could stay up in the air forever by managing my ability cooldowns in the right order, I could fly until the dome dropped. I had no fear as the wraith. And using abduction from a distance to pick off Lazarus and pounce him down to the ground, I was a mean creature of the skies. I remember hiding above the trees with my abilities.



I miss my Behemoth. We were great together!



Yeah, I miss co-op vs ai on Stage 2, especially the Queen Gorgon special map.

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I don’t miss anything about Evolve because I still play it.

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