Genesplicer Hunters


So this is gonna be a long post but I had some time to spare today and spent a few hours kicking about some ideas for hunters and possibly a monster (the chimera) to “counter” them. The idea was a big brawly group of guys who REALLY like getting in the monsters face but could also still fit reasonably into other comps, but above all I wanted them to just be fun to play. As a social dynamic they would be real goof-offs on the dropship but once they touched the ground it’s all business. All of these guys hate the monsters for some reason or another and so the majority of their motivation comes from a sense of vengeance.


Assault- Somsak
Gender; Male, Ethnicity; Thai ---- Former colonist tht got out on one of the evacs and wants revenge for lost ones.

1- Power Fists: Effects differ on monster. (either chosen or facing, not sure which is better if chosen it would be before the monster is shown to the team similar to monster lvl points)
A. Goliath- Bonus dmg reduction, heavy hits
B. Krakken- Bonus dmg, short range lightning bolts
C. Wraith- Fast, mid-high dmg
D. Behemoth- Power Shield duration buff (on hit?)
E. Chimera- AoE “thrash” punches

2- Manual Det Charges: Short range toss, hold button for couple seconds to det
3- AP Assault Rifle
4- Power Shield

Trapper- Miguel

Gender; Male, Ethnicity; Latino ---- doesn’t have a backstory yet

1- Akimbo Revolvers
2- “Smell” ability – 40-50 meter range
3- Rodeo: Jumps onto monster, lashing it down with rope/grapples for a few seconds rodeo style
4- Arena

Support- Sheik
Gender; Male Cyborg, Ethnicty; Jamaican ---- was saved from near death with bionic and genesplicing tech

1- Beam Cannon: very long range, but significantly reduced dmg at 50+ meters
2- Splicer: Gain minor version of perk from a dead creature (ie any venomhound get poison perk) this perk is permanent for support or can be “beamed” to an ally/monster for buff/debuff
3- AoE Splicefield: Field around Sheik (Caira speedboost size) grants hunters special dashes based on monster being fought (or like assault possibly chosen pre fight)
A. Goliath – Giant Leap
B. Krakken – Free Air Dash
C. Wraith – Warp Dash
D. Behemoth - Rolling
E. Chimera – Faster Dodges

4- Cloaking Field

MUST have a reference to Cool Runnings movie quotes ( ie countdown before the race, lucky egg)
Also refers to Cabot as coach.

Medic- Rongo

Gender; Male, Ethnicity; Maori ---- doesn’t fully like how he has been mutated, satirical disgust for consume ability

1- Large Crosbow: Shoots arrows with GPS trackers in them, does moderate dmg EDIT instead of trackers the bolts could just emit a beep or noise of some sort?
2- Targeted Heal: Removes a tick of his own hp to restore a tick of an allies (cannot undo strikes)
3- Consume: Eats a tick off a dead creature to restore a tick of hp, max hp = no more consuming
4- Healing Field

Monster: CHIMERA

Mix between Cerberus and a Chimera. Has 2 dog-like heads up front and a snake-like head for a tail. The tail is more or less just a big mouth with spikes around it at the end. Runs faster (loping run) than all previous monsters but climbs slower and has no special jump. (has a “normal”/mid-lvl jump)

1- Twin Bite: Bites in cone-aoe in front of monster dealing dmg and knocking down the hunter
2- Frenzy: Causes the monsters attacks to become aoe flips lashing out with tail, claws, and teeth.
3- Tail Auto-Attack: Causes the tail to focus autonomously on attacking or grappling the hunters. (think megamouth/tyrant nom). Also in this mode the tail will attack carrion birds reducing the time they are visible to the hunters
4- Tail Auto-Defend: Focuses on keeping the hunters at bay with wide swinging arcs and an emp/disorienting screech if cc is landed on the monster. (Harpoons, toxic grenades, rodeo, etc.)

Worthy of Note: the tail acts autonomously even without a point in it but will not be as effective at either role (attack/defend). Chimera would tend to like open areas with little to no vertical movement. If chimera were to trying climbing a wall it instead readies itself and leaps up it (cat-like) unless in combat (taken dmg within the last 10 seconds or so) then it scrambles up the wall. Both methods take the same amount of time the leap leaves fewer prints but the stationary wind-up would leave you vulnerable to being spotted.

As stated above just some ideas I thought would be cool. Lemme know what you think, if things may be abused/overpowered or the opposite. Or if there is something that might fit better with the style/vibe these guys should have. I’m open to all sorts of ideas and would really like to see this get noticed. Also names, backstories, and ethnicities were just added to give kind of a starting point of what I was thinking.


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I tagged Plaff for you- he can help. In the meanwhile, I guess just do something else. Have fun.


Not that many ppl actually look at this thread but I felt like noting the tier 4 hunters ended up being a lot of what I had in mind here so i guess that’s that. I would still really like to see an assault with power fists of sorts, a trapper with a “rodeo” ability, the buff splicer for support, and some sort of more feline/canine monster.

Any thoughts?


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