Generator take down speeds?


So do we have the stats on how fast each monster takes down the generator or is it all just simply the same.

I mostly say this because i say someone kill a generator as wraith and it went down crazy fast.

Because wouldn’t it just be you instantly win as behemoth. You just roll to the generator rock wall yourself in it and just pound on it. If any hunters somehow get trapped in it just lick them to death.


All monsters are the same.


I thought the name of the game was evolve, not stagnate.

Lol I jest


It’s an interaction, you don’t actually attack it so I imagine it’s the same for all monsters, just like eating or evolving.


Wait, are we sure he means the actual game winning generator or the ones you attack in Defend?


I’m thinking the Power Relay. He mentioned a Wraith taking one down super fast. I don’t see a Wraith doing too well on Defend for the most part :stuck_out_tongue:


Generator/Egg Hatching, Attack Damage, Movement Speed (Barring the Behemoth) and traversal cooldown are consistent with all monsters.

As stated, the Behemoth is the only monster without the same base speed, and some monsters have different attack speed (Kraken’s melee is slower than Goliath’s but deals the same damage, Wraith has slightly faster attack speed but the ‘animation’ makes it more length to hit, if that makes any sense.)


I will be testing this lol feel free to check out the Evolve Mythbusters thread


Are you talking about in Defend mode? If so, it is damage based so it would be slightly different between all of the monsters as they all do slightly different amounts of damage, not to mention the variables of putting x amount of points in the different abilities. If you’re talking about the Power Relay in Hunt, it’s the same damage for all monsters.


Thanks Major!


This isn’t what you asked for, but I’m just putting it out here that the power relay in hunt took 30 seconds flat to tear down for all monsters in the Big Alpha.