General tips for Hunters and tactics for teams?

I’ve had the game since launch. My friends played it a bit before moving onto other stuff but I stuck with it. After a while I deviated more towards the solo Monster side of things. I still played as Hunter a lot though for a change of pace.

Friends ended up coming back to the game, and now we’ve started rolling as a team. Good times.

Problem is that I’m the ‘veteran’ of this game out of our group, so I’m having to teach them how to do stuff, and I’m only about average at absolute best. I only know most of the basics. There’s also the fact I’ve never really been in a co-ordinated group before, so I don’t know what to tell them either for group stuff. I’ve been on the receiving end enough times as a monster, but never really understood what or how people do it.

Any suggestions or advice for me and them?

Laz + Sunny + Jack + Hyde is OP.

  1. find a 5th if you can. ask any friends in the list to play monster. play an arena mode with stage 3. who ever dodges the best becomes support. he is the key to your survival. 2nd is medic. 3rd is trapper. and the worst can tank moves with the assault shield.

  2. survival > damage. dont get bloodthirsty it will get you killed even with 2 hp bars left on a stage 3 monster.

  3. hank is the universal god of supports. its easy to build a solid team around him.

  4. COMMUNICATE. create call signs…like banana means i need a sheild. potatoes means im cloaked dont heal me. stuff like that.

  5. sitting on jetpack is 10x better than getting closer to the monster to deal damage. dodge > damage.

Are you on Xbox? If you need a Monster to practice against let me know! I would say just take charge though. I play with my 3 roommates and two of them only play a couple of times a month. So when we do play together I just tell them what to do. Not in a jerk-ish way though. Noticeable difference between a leader saying something and a meanie barking orders.

dafuq? O_o I just say “heals” or “shield”… Much simpler and less confusing…

  1. Give them tips of jetpack management. Let the jetpack fill to full (it will flash once it reaches the top), then jetpack dodge forwards once, wait until you touch the floor, and then do it again. This way you’ll be able to get 4 dodges out, allowing you to travel further. Then let it recharge to full again. This is the best way to use jetpacks and gain the most distance/speed. They’ll get the hang of that after a little while.

  2. Explain the different roles and how each character works, so things like the medic just shooting Val snipers or napalm doesn’t happen. Tell them how things like Hank’s shield works. It absorbs damage. Holding it on a person won’t drain it, only blocking damage will.

I think there are a few threads around in hunter sub forums for particular characters, but in general…

  1. Positioning is key. Make sure your medic is in a spot that has a good range of sight to battle spots, and make sure everyone else keeps returning to those spots. The worst thing a hunter can do is run off around a corner and out of range/sight of healing
  2. If playing with a Hank, make sure your assault tells the team when he’s popping his personal shield so you’re not double stacking
  3. If playing with a Laz make sure the Laz and Support communicate to alternate cloaks. In my opinion putting the support in a position to cloak both the downed body and ferry the Laz in is great, with Laz using his cloak to run away again
  4. Jetpack management, again there’s a thread on it here. The key thing right now after Patch 5.0 is to not rush your boosts. Wait until you are falling back to the ground before boosting again to get the maximum distance. Boosting quickly multiple times in a row will significantly shorten your dodging or movement range
  5. Assaults should be doing as much as they can to jump in the way of the abilities of monsters to “eat” the damage before shielding. It saves your other hunters and while the assault is shielded he can get healed right back up
  6. Run everywhere you can, movement speed is very useful for getting out of the range of abilities without wasting your jetpack boosts. Try not to climb stuff until you’re absolutely neededing to, especially against a Kraken.
  7. Don’t split up too much, it’s ok to fan out but a monster can capitalise all too easily on lone hunters out on their own with no back up.
  8. Consider where you’re throwing the dome, it’s important now more than ever to try and avoid placing a loop arena where the monster can just run you in a circle.

its for the more complicated stuff. like hey team readjust your positioning. that takes too long to say. like lag is sometimes a bich. so we say a codeword when we hear studdered sounds over the mic if they are trying to talk.