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They leaked Ganesha model in patch notes today but he’s not comin till next patch. Smite racing on the other hand looks sweet


Can confirm.

EDIT: I love how Hinduman describes it. “He’s a furry now. Odin’s a furry.” Also, added a better pic.


Ganesha may be a stance-dancer, and we’re getting more arbitrary details about Daji.


Just had a dude rage and cussed me out over Xbox messaging, because he didn’t know level 6 Medusa taking bull demon was a thing hahaha.


The hate messages are the best messages lololol


The best part is in his raging he made all these claims about how he was going to get me banned, while using sexual profanities about orientation and status. So I reported his messages as offensive lets see who actually gets banned LOL.


That is the best thing ever. I usually respond with something that is unrelated. Like I’ll get a hate message and I’ll tell them I like to lick couches or something like that


This is honestly the worst passive I’ve ever seen on a god. It loses all relevance end-game, and it means he can’t get kills, which is just nonsensical design.


He’ll definitely fallout of the late game in the longer game modes while he’s passin off all xp and gold to homies; everyone’s gonna be 20 full items and he’s still 14 trying to buy his 4th lol. I feel like he has his arena usage though where ya level so fast the passive doesn’t matter and his abilities can be used to max potential


With those damage numbers, he’s basically the sequel to fat Loki. In that he’s fat and a full rotation with a Poly proc should be enough to end a motherfucker, that is. This proves once and for all that Hi-Rez doesn’t actually understand their own guardians. “Support” my ass.



So man this console patch is running like ass but hey they’re sorry lol


Yaaaaay smite patch today… too bad it broke smite for me and a ton of other xbox users. Games force quitting moments after login


Well…this is happening. His kit looks really awkward, but maybe he’s just hard.


I’m into it. I prefer the more aggressive warriors


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