General Smite Thread


Ah. I keep forgetting Assault exists.


Lolz I love assaults


Teenage mutant ninja smite god


He thicc



Also, his 2 is based on unmitigated damage, meaning it’s unaffected by defense and it stacks with Thorns and Nemean. This guy is going to be hilarious against hunters.


Guys… Guan Yunicorn


He’s not a magical princess. 0/10




I didn’t know the guy from Beauty and the Beast was coming to the game. Also, Su Daji got datamined recently.


Going to be playing him for sure. Reminds me of Erlking from The Dresden Files.


I was thinkin he looked like beast too lol. Seems fun though


tfw you horny af


Lovin Cernnunos


Spoils ahoy.


Broseidon remodel


I was expecting this to come in the patch after Ganesha. While nothing of consequence happened in balance for this patch, the remodel certainly saved it. The cheap event doesn’t hurt, either.


I’m still hopin for a sobek remodel that fuckers ugly as hell


A lot of gods look like crap, TBH. Anhur, Hades, Bacchus, Ares, Cupid–hell, Geb actually looks like a conglomeration of turds.


Straight up all of them look cray

#1846 Dis b a thing guis. Also, Ganesha comes next patch, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE