General Smite Thread


Yeah! They did that for a few gods. The ones off the top of my head are Scylla and Neith. The whole all gold skin color and clothes looked awful so glad they’re redoing some.

Patch notes for those who haven’t seen them


That chibi hades lol



Thoth seems like an easy character to play but a hard to master guy. Yeah his kits simple and ya can always do damage but that screen can setup some hardcore bad juju for the enemies if used right




Ohhhhhhhh fuckin sweet


Still waiting for Lovecraft in Smite. Would love to see a legit Cthulhu in Smite, not just a skin. Unfortunately H.P. Lovecraft’s works are under murky copyright if I’m not mistaken. A lot of disputes over that. I know they aren’t exactly a legitimate faith or anything, but the Lovecraftian pantheon would fit in well I think.


HR has confirmed that they will not add a Lovecraftian pantheon. But hey, at least we have Dank Whisperer Ah Muzen Cab.

Also, did a little research, and apparently, Lovecraft’s work is all in the public domain, so if they wanted to, they could.


We could get an American pantheon… Hillbilly Deathlord God of Memes would definitely be first


last I checked his work was public domain, but there’s a dispute over the copyright. Things may have changed or I may be misinformed. Oh well. I’ll have to get my lovecraft fix elsewhere. I don’t play ah muzen cab though. sadpanda.


I think they’re trying to stick to “real” gods, aren’t they? Not to say they won’t change their mind in the future.




I feel like when smite starts to fail they’ll add Jesus as the last God just as a final fuck you


I think that would be awesome o.o


So any idea who the first Celtic gods gonna be… who we thinkin it is… I want it to be balore god of the stink eye lol. His ultimate would be “parent stare” stares intensely at the enemy team; they know what they did and that they’re in trouble


Come watch them reveal the shitty new Cama skin.


You don’t even play Smite shunty :space_invader:


Hnnnng that T5 Anubis skin. I’m buying it. Hnnnnggg Osiris buff!!
And Nike


Glad I’m not the only person who hnnnnngggg’d at an Osiris buff