General Smite Thread




“Baaman?” So he’s a sheep?



So just fired the smitz back up and I gotta say… hate Batman



Serqet is love, Serqet is life.


hmm, I might try this again sometime now that I understand mobas better after playing Paragon with my buddies who actually understand them. o.o

Or not, highly dependent whether they do because as much as I like SMite’s thing of olden gods (<3 thor and the other nordic gods) mobas aren’t fun without buddies.


Serqet is the bomb diggity


In general I’ve found smite to be fairly enjoyable as a solo queuer. I’d say that the hit rate for Smite as a solo queuer is probably similar to Evolve, but then I took some time to learn roles and what different gods need support with and so perhaps that skews things a little.


I think I’d probably pick it up fairly quickly now since I’ve been playing Paragon more and understanding how mobas work.

Iunno, it’s a hard maybe cause Paragon es sooper fun so I’m going to be focusing on that more atm I think.


It’s nice to see this thread still kicking. I took a 3 month break after my squad took a break. I thought I might not have any interest in smite again but then I remembered it’s impossible to get bored of smite. Does anyone know when Xing tians mountain is coming back?


More egyptian gods <3


Lol, of course the guy with “pharaoh” in his name is excited. Personally, I’m really disappointed with his kit. His 1 and 2 make him discount Rama, and his ult is just Amaterasu’s 2 without the damage mitigation. The only original aspects of his kit are his passive and his 3.


By the way does anyone play ranked?
I’m Gold 2 right now. Fafnir is an absolute monster in duel


I think it’s ironic book of thoth would be really good on him

I’m biased yes :smiley:


Oh by the way did you like the Old wa skin, I saw it and instantly thought of you.


I haven’t checked in on Smite in a few months now! Old wa!?? goes and checks

Oh… well… kind of not actually! I understood why they redesigned her model and actually really like the modern Nu Wa model. I guess some people wanted to see her old model back? Nu Wa’s standard model comes across as very mystical and spiritual to me…even if it is needlessly overt… while the Old Wa, original model, always seemed a bit tacky and classless.


I used to play 1v1 ranked and am currently plat v but I haven’t tried getting back into that since my return to smite. I imagine the meta has shifted a lot and I’d end up having a losing streak.


The main top dogs are Skadi. Ullr Erlang Shen, ADC’s in general. Scummy gods are the meta unfortunately :confused: . Anyone that does an absurd amount of damage. Susano might be back in after this current patch.


Oh man, they redid Nu Wa’s golden/legendary/diamond skins? They look so much better!