General Smite Thread


Happens to me too.
Can be quite annoying sometimes


Tech Support just told me to delete my game save and setteings to fix the problem. I’m not gonna lose any progress or purchased/unlocked content by doing this, am I?


You wouldn’t lose your progress, but I’m not sure about custom item builds or something like that.
And I highly doubt that would fix the problem anyway.
That sounds like one of those “have you tried turning it off and on again” standard support replies.

Anyway, if you try it and it works, please let me know :slight_smile:


##Tier 5 Odyssey Skin Vote


You know, I was really thinking Poisoned Star was gonna be grossly OP, but after using it…eh. Just eh.

In other news, Izanami’s ability icons have been datamined, as well as the best Bacchus skin I’ve ever seen.
The icon for her 2 is most likely not her, since it supposedly summons demons and one would expect the icon to be one of those demons, but it’s feminine and fits Izanami’s physical description, so maybe she’ll look just as lit as that.


Allegedly siege is getting and Egyptian remodel… I hope not I love the Mayan aesthetic, but maybe the new game mode will be Mayan lol


Izanami looks sweet and her name backwards is 10/10 lol


Is the odyssey stuff going on now??


And is this the new one? Or is this the one from last year? Because I know those rewards are old.


That’s from the previous Odyssey with the evolving Thor skin as the final skin.


It’s not going on yet, the summer of smite just ended. T5 skin is going to Anubis, then there’s a “Summer Camp” event, where Bacchus and Nu Wa are getting skins. I believe that will be like the Underworld/Norse Invasion events.

Edit: Nu Wa will be in the international chest


Any PS4 people wanna play some time? Haven’t been on the forums as much so don’t know if there’s any actives on this thread


Did they confirmed T5 is goobis? I voted Kukulkhan but it was tough between those 2


Yep, Anubis will get the t5 skin.

I voted for Sol. Kuku would’ve been ok, too. However I’m not spending any gems on the Anubis skin ^^




I gotta get back into the smitz Xing Tians mountain seems sweet



To bad no one ever plays guardians and those who build all offense lol


Is bat man being shown this week?


My body is ready. This guy is like the sequel to Thanatos.