General Smite Thread


That’s exactly what we do too :smile:


I’m always super aggressive; ya just have to make sure your team is aggressive with ya (mainly tank lol) that how me and my buds steamroll :smile:


Not a bad idea , I’d say I’m not aggressive enough, then I’m to aggressive enough. Good tip.


So personal opinion. I don’t think freya needed a remodel. Yeah see looked a bit meh, but compared to like Sobek the hunchfuck of Notre dame or big baby Vamana. Even Arachne skins didn’t get an update, but freya gets almost all her skins I DECLARE SHENANIGANS. Fafnir masters look sick though :smile:


Nemesis <3
She has my heart


Jeez, its been so long since I last played this game. Is my bae Sol still any good?


Nope. Hashtag MakeSolGreatAgain… Which is what I yell every time I play Sol. She can still do good, but it’s way harder to do good lol


Proof league is the better MOBA, our Sol is doing great.

I jest


Just found out I’m like 30 kills in arena as Ravana away from being the the top 25 in the world across all regions and platforms… My life has meaning again :stuck_out_tongue:


Read about the new patch (and, subsequently, the new god) here. Terra mostly looks fine from a balance perspective, save for the fact that she has a global ult that does so many things so well. I could see it working out if it was only in a radius around her, but it’s not. This is greatly disconcerting.



ahem A little background on these guys if you don’t want to look up who they are: Izanami is the first goddess in Shinto mythology. With Izanagi, the first god, they had kids which were the various islands of Japan. She died and went to the underworld, where her husband found her and freaked out when he saw she’d become a zombie. I’ll be interested to see whether Hi-Rez actually makes a grotesque female this time around. To date, their only ugly goddess is Medusa.

In Mayan mythology, Camazotz is the god of human sacrifice, which was an important aspect of ritual. He takes the form of a bat. When Xbalanque and Hunahpu went to the underworld to avenge their father, they had to spend a night in the House of Bats, where they hid in their blowguns in fear because fuck physics. When Hunahpu stuck his head out to look around, Camazotz decapitated him and hung his head to be used for the ball game. Xbalanque got it back, though, so it all worked out.


Mobas are like fps.

If you get into them 2-3 years after they came out you are going to spend a long time not having fun playing vs people with 1000’s of hours in. Bots aren’t too bad to practice against and grapics were pretty good. The god pack was a good deal and good idea. Was 30$ for everything past, present and future.

I always would recommend getting into something fairly new though if multiplayer is what you are after. I just got into this and havent bothered with multiplayer yet for same reason, dont really want to let teams down or play monsters with 1000’s of hours logged.

Paragon is just coming out and looked really good.


OML that new Meltdown/Grim Sol skin looks so cool! Anyone else seen that masterpiece (yes im exaggerating, but, hey, Sol’s awesome). Too bad its chest only from what i know…


Terra looks cool as hell. I watched a BTS and they said we took inspiration from super heroes…YA DON’T SAY…I mean here card art is the same as the greatest super hero of all time Ravana…and there’s the she hulk skin lol


What are you talking about? Sol didn’t get a new skin.


In the datamining there’s a Sol skin


SOLy shit!


Hey I just got a code for the Leona JPF Nemesis skin.
I think you can use it once on each platform.


Ps4: taken
Pc/Xbox: free

Please reply if you redeemed the code.


Used on xbox. Thanks homie :smile:


I hate this stupid fuckin track on arena for this month. I’ve had 3 games thrown now cause 1 dude just runs it instead of actually plays


Okay, I’m having trouble logging into the Smite forums so I’m gonna try to get help here:

On PS4, ever since 3.14, when I’m in the fountain store trying to select which items I want, the selecter keeps moving to either the top left item or the one that’s recommended even though I have it on something else. Is this a glitch or did I accidentally screw up my settings?