General Smite Thread


Medusa is straight up a champ. My homie plays her all the time typically averaging 20 kills no deaths lol


Schileru is officially God.


What the fuck hahahahahahaha


Welp. This is totally balanced.


Well, it’s about damn time, Hi-Rez!

Also, the patch has been delayed until tomorrow because of the holiday.


Me and @Plaff had the hypest comeback of my entire time playing smite. I literally can’t bileve we won.
With some coordinated play we won!

I’m Athena He’s Medusa


I love this lol. Just a day or so ago me and my homie we’re gettin whooped and I (what we now call the unbeatable combo) Raijin’d his Ymir’d targets so hard and brought it back hahaha


Before I got him Medusa, he was using Kukulkan and we’d synchronize. Taunt, then he’d ult, we kept team wiping them it was brutal.
Now that he plays and ADC it’s even better. I’ll taunt he’ll let loose then petrify. RIP loki, Zeus and Mercury


The other day I played against ares, medusa, and kulkulkan ult combo. It sucked lol. Get pulled in, petrified, then roasted by kulk. It did not go well for us lol.


I swear sometimes bead’s is not enough. CC always wins fights, especially against certain gods. Poor mages


Literally tank Hades hurts my soul.
They all do the same thing, dash in, fear, then ult and kill you. Rinse repeat gg


I’ve just started playing super tank vamana. I take aggro for the team, while they do damage. If it starts going bad, I “OH YEAH” and chase them away. I take bloodforge as my last item so I can do some damage. But my physical and magical are both almost maxed.


So how’s Erlang Shen been doin he seems OP as fuq, but I’m on console so I don’t know lol


He looks really OP on paper, but I’ve been sucking with him as of recent. Either he’s bad, I’m bad, or matchmaking has just fucked me over. I’ve consulted the forums on how to build him; hopefully, they can give me a good build I can run with.


Note to self: There is no Erlang Shen without crits. At the very least, he needs Wind Demon. Also, SCS and Heartseeker are pretty helpful.


Okay so I’ve been slowing getting into Smite more. I’m pretty much playing Medusa exclusively right now, I just don’t fully understand what I need to be doing as a Hunter. Any tips? I mainly play Joust.


As a hunter, your job is to provide heavy damage from the backline. Builds should focus on attack speed and pen. As far as Joust goes, most hunters shouldn’t get too kill-hungry early because they take a while to get online; however, as Medusa, Anhur, Apollo, Neith, or any other hunter with a decent early that I’ve not listed, you can more actively pursue kills. At any stage, hiding behind your tank will be beneficial to you; you should still be able to apply damage, but you’ll be safe.


Don’t forget to communicate that you’ve got that awesome ult lol


I think the biggest problem I’ve been having is that I’ve been playing way too aggressive as Medusa and I push too hard and end up getting killed. I’m still completely new to this genre so I’ll keep what you said in mind :slight_smile:

Her ult is so good :smile: Me and @Deity_Pharaoh have been coordinating it when we play and it’s pretty nasty in conjunction with some other god abilities.


The irony is that Medusa and Athena go so well on a comp together despite their lores.