General Smite Thread


The new god is a badass woahh!


Speaking of which, I think it’ll be helpful to post info about this dude so y’all bitches know who he is.

Erlang Shen is the nephew of the Jade Emperor. He’s thought to be a deification of various folk heroes who regulated floods. Erlang Shen is also responsible for imprisoning Sun Wukong in Journey to the west after outplaying him with his shapeshifting powers. Also he has a dog.


That’s the most important part, :smiley:


Oh, and one more thing–one of the devs confirmed via Reddit that we were getting a new Mayan god within the foreseeable future. It was also stated last year that Camazotz was on the team’s “to-do list.”


I am intrigued…


These notes are cray cray so far



Why did they have to outright remove GB instead of just nerfing it, thereby fucking over gods who needed it for clear.



If only sun wukong was this good :confused:


His 3 is even NAMED 72 Transformations! I get what Fish was going for, making him a match-up to Sun Wukong like in the lore, but Jesus, man, you couldn’t even bother to make it different in any way except for “it gives buffs?”

But what’s just as sickening is Spot Weakness. Because of the built-in CDR, he literally does not need Fatalis or Frostbound AND he has insane damage. Beesus Christinger, I am scared shitless right now.


Oh I know my Merc build is gonna have to change since I can’t rush GB anymore lol


At least Mercury still has an option to clear somehow. What about Arachne? What about Serqet? THINK OF THE ARACHNIDS, HI-REZ!


I’m actually a diamond arachne and have never used GB and she’s one of my highest KD and WL ratio characters


What does GB stand for? Can’t think of it right now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Golden bow


Oh shit, really? Damn, I love Golden Bow with Medusa. :confused:


Well, especially in a meta which favors hunters, it was just too strong. It needed nerfs or it needed to be melee-only. For some reason, the balance team couldn’t figure this out and just removed it. Which is sad, because we were promised some big changes to hunters, but we didn’t get any beyond that. Hunters still remain the dominant class. Oh, well. There’s always Season 4.


Literally hunters are bullshit, now let me be more specific, appollo is bullshit. He literally is one of the cheapest characters in this game, and don’t even get me started on that damn stun


Apollo’s not even the worst offender. He’s on par with Anhur, Hou Yi, and…well, every single goddamn hunter imaginable. And yeah, making them unable to use GB was a start, but it was just one of the items that caused the problem. Where’s the nerfs to Soul Eater, Executioner, Qin’s, and Bloodforge? Simply nerfing these items as tank items were nerfed early this season would bring hunters in line just as tanks were brought in line; but for some reason, that’s not happening.


Why does nobody play Medusa? She’s a beast. I mean, I already knew this, but it only recently occured to me that she’s almost never played.


Likes her, I do too, she’s a badass. And her voice omg I love it.