General Smite Thread


So I love me some neith, but I’ve been contemplating about switching over to Artemis.

Neith vs. Artemis Go.


Not a fan of Neith, but love me some piggy with a side of Artemis


Artemis if you feel confident in hitting your autos and killing people before they kill you or if you have a support that can peel for you.

Neith if the above doesn’t apply ^^


What do you mean by autos? Still a bit of a smite newb


auto attacks, basic attacks

You can do damage with basic attacks and abilities.
And most gods are either better at one or the other. Knowing what your god is best with significantly changes how you play him and what items you buy.

I never play hunter myself, so I don’t want to go into too much detail here, but the thing with Artemis is: If you miss your shots, you are dead.


Got ya. We just call them basics =P

Sounds like i’m going to build her like my neith. Power and attack speed.


Well that’s how most archer are lol, but with Artemis’ passive I like to go crit heavy. Especially with the update to the newer season 3 crit item (I don’t know the name but it’s the throwing star lol)


They just added Sun Wuxing last patch.


I hadn’t even heard of that God!! I’ll need to look them up. I haven’t even had time to play Fafnir yet. :confused:


Wha–no, the Wukong skin. It’s called Sun Wuxing after a Chinese philosophy relating to classical elements, as the skin is an Avatar reference. The next god is Erlang-Shen.


Oh!!! Hahaha. XD I feel dumb.


First thing on my list on ps4, Fenrir is getting diamond first just like on PC . Glad I got to transfer my characters.


Do you have a sun wukong build for me?


Oh that was a ticket reward?! Hell yeah; I thought it was a gem or chest, but wasn’t gonna commit to buying gems lol


Well, for jungle, I run Trans > Warrior Tabi > Jotunn’s > Spirit Robe/Discord > Frostbound (these last two options may be swapped, depending on how badly I need defense) > Deathbringer. If you absolutely need more defense, swap out Deathbringer.


Consoles got themselves a new patch today


Erlang Shen incoming, plus a lot of skins and balance changes… However…



There’s a pretty notorious guy on the Smite forums who’s really excited about that because he’s got the hots for all the furry men in the game.



New Khepri skin? Why not Zoidberg?


Oh my god the Bellona skin :heart_eyes: