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#New Datamined Information

Information Summary
Erlang Shen

Erlang Shen (Chinese) will be the next God after Fafnir! There’s a small description to who he is.

Description: Known also as Yang Jian in some texts, Erlang Shen is a nephew to the Jade Emperor himself. In the middle of his forehead rests his third eye, which sees truth. He is accompanied by the Howling Celestial Dog – Xiao Tian Quan – who chases away evil spirits. He is also known as the second son god, as Er Lang also means second son.

#Erlang Shen: Abilities Icons

Gods with Upcoming Skins May or may not arrive in the given order.
  • Chronos (Probably the Community-made skin)

  • Khepri

  • Bellona

  • Fenrir

  • Skadi

Summer of Smite: Hawaii-themed! and Chinese spring 🙂 ***“Celebrate spring with your friends and family!”***
  • There are some mentions to a “Spring Chinese chest”, and a “Valentine’s Chinese chest

  • Tiki Loading Frame, Mermaid Pedestal, Fdot announcer pack, Hawaiian beach Music Theme.

Coupons System *Here are a few promotions that I think were not announced*
  • Ratatoskr Voicepack 50% OFF

  • Hel Voicepack 50% OFF

  • Spectacular Chest 25% OFF

Dreamhack Bundle

I suppose this is what you get when you go to Dreamhack

  • Loki Sslither, Odin Huntsman, Sol Supernova.
Map-Related: *A lot of new-map/gamemodes related things. Very tricky, and very confuse, but here’s what I’ve got:*
  • In certain part of the game files, Point Capture Map was renamed to Siege V2… But there is still a lot of mentions to Point Capture, so probably is a way to discribe the “new siege”.

  • Cage Fight: “Fight groups of enemies, and fail at doing so”. It’s mentioned as a new queue, probably separated from capture point.

  • A lot of mentions in EgyptV2/Domination. Is most likely to coming back, but not as the same gamemode

  • A new Seasonal Arena: IT HAS A FUCKING TRAMPOLINE! Probably related to the 2016 Olympics.

Season 3.5

A lot of new items, and new passives too! Let’s start with the ITEMS

Reliquary Blade: “Whenever you use a relic, the duration of that relic’s effects are increased by 50%”

New Wrath: “Using this item deals 480 damage, in a 15 unit radius, to a a single enemy minion or jungle monster. Target is always the one with the highest maximum health. This item deals 1000 damage to jungle bosses. Subsequent effects from your team on the same target will deal 50% damage. Cooldown – 60s.”

Warlord’s Mail: “When in range of an enemy structure, that structure’s attack speed is reduced by 20%. When in range of an ally structure, that structures has its protections increased by 20%.”

Ghostwalk Item: “Using this item grants you Ghost Walking for 5s and can move through enemy players and Enemy Deployables. It also removes the Basic Attack movement speed penalty for the duration. Cooldown – 140s.”

Now, we start with the new PASSIVES.

Odin: “As Odin successfully hits enemies with basic attacks, he gains runes on his passive. When he reaches 10 stacks, the runes are consumed and odin regains 10% of HP and 20% of his mana.”

NeZha: “Ne Zha gains petals as he attacks and 2x petals for crits. At max stacks Ne Zha has a base crit chance of 10% and can heal 2x more from flaming spear. Anytime Ne Zha is out of combat for 5s, all petals are lost.”

Aphrodite: “Aphrodite gains 2 physical and 2 magical protection for each friendly or enemy god within 70 feet of her.”

Guan Yu: “Guan Yu gains force of will as he deals or takes damage. Each time he damages or receives damage from an enemy god charges up his Conviction ability, increasing its healing by up to 2x after 20 hits.”

Vulcan: “As long as Vulcan is within 20 ft of his turret his abilities and turret shots apply a 20% slow.”




Oh yeah, that’s happening. Right. I like that Aphrodite, Guan Yu, Odin, and Ne Zha are getting abilities that are passives and and of themselves, but the choice to change Vulcan’s passive is a bit odd.


The new Vulcan passive seems like it will helps with team fights more than anything. Doesn’t give him much chase because his first move knocks him back. I like these changes though!!! Especially the new items. :smile:


But Vulcan’s new passive is basically an extension of his 2, which is what you don’t want on a passive. He didn’t need a new passive, and this is ultimately a buff to a god who didn’t need one.


That’s true. I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out. I play Vulcan fairly often and you’re right, he doesn’t need a buff.


Isn’t that what Guan Poons passive used to be before abilities charged it too? Lol


Tomorrow will be the first time in able to play Smite in like two weeks. Is Fafnir out yet? I wana play him so bad, he looks beast.


This… this is beautiful


Yeah. You’re on console, right? He’s out. I’d take him to jungle over support, as there, you can stack Warlock’s.


He’s a really good initiation support, but I can see his Jungle usefulness.


More datamining information has come up. I’ll add it when I have a moment.


trololol i beat you to it


Well I was going to copy it all over but since you just posted the link I can just instead play SMITE and wallow over my lack of DBD.

Hooray! :smile:


Be sure to watch the finals for dreamhack tomorrow. They’re also giving out codes for chests while live streaming that have a chance of giving you twitchymir. There’s usually somebody that updates his post to show which codes work and when they stop working.

You usually only get 10 minutes to redeem them but you can use this site to redeem them.


Iiiiii think I missed patch notes again -_-


Basically, nothing happened. It was one of those patches in-between gods that is of little value.


Sweeeeeg. Means I didn’t miss shit :stuck_out_tongue:


You can always go on and look at the current patch for your platform too.



Anybody know when we might get more season ticket rewards? Seems like it’s been forever since it started.