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Hehe, funny how things work out…


And yet they didn’t change Coerse’s tooltip to accurately reflect what the ability really does.


I think Smite will be going “back on the shelf” earlier than planned. Don’t know if it’s a player number thing or something else, but match making has been truly terrible today. All one sided grinds. One match was a team of 4 people clearly clanned up and partied up against a group of 5 of us randoms, 3 of us not clanned at all.

It’s just a bit much to ask to invest 30-40 minutes at a time for a game that you can see is 80% lost at the 10 minute mark but because 2 people are happy just running -> dying -> respawning -> repeat and hit to not surrender you’re stuck with it for so damn long.

Just very frustrating, especially with how defeatist people act from like 5 minutes in, which brings the salt and attitude, which brings everyone down. Don’t really have the time for it, at least not with this kind of terrible match making.


Just don’t play Conquest. I will argue that it is the most frustrating and unfun mode in SMITE. Arguably the worst mode which I will argue.


While it can be the most frustrating game mode, it can also be the most fun and rewarding mode as well. I understand @niaccurshi’s frustration with randoms. I usually play with a party of 4 and we love playing conquest, but can never get a 5th so we have to put up with a random. Sometimes they’re good, but most of the time they’re auto-lock scrubs who are absolute garbage. All it takes is one person doing whatever the hell they want to drain the fun out of the game and insert salt. All I can recommend is partying up but it’s best to play with friends.


Subjectively this is correct but factually in terms of actual rewards, Conquest is the worst mode to play.

It’s up to four times longer than a Joust match, three times longer than an Arena, Assault and Siege. Factually speaking it’s the longest mode in the game and you receive no extra rewards for doing it and in fact gain roughly the same in terms of Favor, Worshippers, and Fantasy Points.

It’s the least rewarding given the time it takes and I personally find it an extremely large waste of my time, especially when there’s no incentive to actually play it. On top of that, like Evolve it’s the worst experience having even one random in the group.

I’d much rather enjoy the shorter and more rewarding matches of Joust than to subject myself to Conquest.


Party up with some friends before you play Conquest. You’re less likely to get people who will give you trouble.


Yeah, actual rewards are miniscule since it takes about 40-60 minutes to finish a game and I could get more by doing two quick arena matches. I find it rewarding to play because it requires strategy, teamwork, and skill. I find other modes to be lacking in those departments. The length of the match doesn’t matter to me as long as it was a fun match. Though, to be quite honest, winning does make conquest more enjoyable and too many losses do make me salty.

All in all, I think the reason why I find conquest less frustrating than most people is because I always group up with friends. It simply makes the experience more enjoyable, kind of like evolve. I can’t bear to play evolve without a full squad.


Similar to evolve XD


Yeah, I play Arena if I’m practicing new gods, or new load outs. Joust I just don’t really like all that much because to me it’s little more than Arena structured in a way for three gods. Conquest is, when it’s right, immensely gratifying because you need to work for the win and you know if you do win (where you feel like you’ve had to work for it) that it’s really deserved.


OK so a couple of good games yesterday restored my faith, even if Eastern European/Russians just don’t know how to be polite. Is there a way to mute people’s chat in game? I never saw it.

That said though… I am so over how easy mode Kuk is Conquest. I understand he’s squishy as hell and all, but that early game power is ridiculous when you don’t have a co-ordinated team to properly gank his over-aggressive ass.


You can click the speaker symbol next to the player name, when you have the scoreboard open. That will mute both voice and text chat.


Recently my friends and I have had some bad games and the reason why varied throughout the day but we had a really awesome match to make up for it. We finally had a full group so no more randoms screwing stuff up and we got paired against some tryhard rank x squad that had loading frames that came out before smite was released on ps4, so we knew they were pc players. Also, ao kuang had that Dragon knight skin(I’m jealous af).

Had we known we were fighting tryhards we would have picked our best gods, with me as the jungler but I instead rolled with ravana. Although some of us thought we were likely to lose we tried our best. The entire match was intense, rotations and ganks happening left and right, fights for the fire giant, baiting in the other team by pretending to get gold fury, and a shit ton of other stuff happened.

My team originally had the lead but ao kuang started tearing us up, along with other losses in short team fights. We decided to focus on ao kuang the most and it really paid off, though I’m sure he must have been pissed.

Highlights of the game include:

Jumping over janus’s ult with mine and killing him.

Khepri getting away in enemy janus’s ult with 1/5th health left but finishing him off with a soul reaver proc’d nu wa ult.

Phoenix diving to get ao kuang, ne zha flung him up with his ult and then kumbhakarna sent him up flying again to finish him.

Game kept going back and forth.

My build is a little weird as I was trying some new stuff out but I’m really liking this one. Not having penetration made killing khepri hard but everyone else was squishy. All in all, I haven’t had this fun of a match in a while.


Patch notes are at 4:00 EST today. Hel, SWK, and Rat are getting skins.


Does anyone know when Fafnir will be on PS4? They relesead the 3.10 patch notes for consoles yesterday but when I played earlier today it was still 3.9.


I read somewhere on reddit that it was coming tomorrow, which sucks because I’ll be at prom tomorrow.


The console patch notes for 3.10 just came out, so


Have a great time :slight_smile:


Thanks, I will :grinning:

Looks like they’re getting quick.



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