General Smite Thread


I don’t know if there is a thread for Smite already exists, so if there is, go ahead and close this.

With Smite now on all current platforms, PS4, XBOX, and PC, I’ve liked to start talking about the game. I have yet to play it, but I will be able to soon.

So I’ve got a few questions; What’s the game like? How much different is it from other MOBAs? What’s it like on each platform? How’s the balance?

Favorite Smite God?
Favorite Smite God?

Basically just your typical MOBA, but in a third person perspective like an Action/Adventure game.

It seems really fluid and possibly more fast paced, plus the game is easier to learn and adapt than other MOBAs IMO.

Well PC is a bit further in updates and playable Gods last time i checked but consoles seem to be the same in content. The game also runs smooth on all but the controls feel a bit clunky and slow at times on PS4, but that could just be me. Also like any game on PC it is a lot easier to aim and be more precise with attacks and such.

Hard to say considering i don’t browse their forums or keep up with patches and the like, but from what i can say through experience is that Assassin’s are OP as shit and playing with teams is like going against the NFL when you are in high school football team.


So I should be a little wary of certain classes but just take the game like a normal MOBA. I’ll have to see how it is then.


So after playing the game for two days and unlocking a few characters, I’m really enjoying it! I stay away from conquest though, too many “communicating” people on the opposing side. Joust is absolutely awesome! Me and one of my friends Mesingo play it a bunch together. He runs a great Neith and I either run Thor or Kali. Really good synergy with them.


Bastet is best Assassin. :3


Eh. I really like what I can do with Kali and Thor late game. High crit chance and attack speed while being faster than everyone and getting in quick kills. I just find them to be a lot of fun.


Smite’s very addicting, play it almost everyday :slight_smile:
I play it with @Shin and @Jedi_Warrior


Egyptian assassin’s are the best assassins :wink: . Serqet’s my favorite.


No! Kali is the best!


Yes it is. It’s the only game I’ve touched for the last 4 days.


I’m assuming you play on ps4?


Yep, got an Alpha code Thursday. It’s been absolutely great so far. Lag is a little bit of an issue right now, but it’s only happened 3 times out the 15 games I’ve played.


What role do you prefer?


I usually go middle lane solo or jungle.


I tried top lane once but kept running into a Neith and Hercules/Bellona combo. Playing as Thor or Kali against those two is brutal.


I hate bellona with a passion, she’s so annoying.


I need to upload this match of me playing Kali on Joust this morning. Was such a good game.


Yes, yes she is. But give me a Neith or Kukulkan(?) and I can destroy her.


I can get you an Alpha code if you want one.


His DOT tornado move, is really annoying. I hate it as a Fenrir player.