General Skin Discussion Thread


I’ve seen a lot of threads about skins in this game, whether it’s people wanting more, asking about the newest ones, speculating on who’s going to get one next, so I thought “instead of searching the whole forums for this stuff, why not have it all in one place?”

Hence this thread. Now, keep in mind there’s already a thread dedicated to skin ideas which you can look at here:

This thread is to discuss Hunter and Monster skins that already exist and/or have been confirmed to be on the way. So if there’s a new skin that just came out, challenge rewards that you wanna discuss, or if you just want to talk about the skins in general and show off your collection then feel free to post here.

NOTE: Meteor Goliath is an Adaptation, not a skin. If you wanna talk about it then please refer to this topic:

Current Hunter Skins:
All= Default, Elite
:daisy: & :bucket_salute: & :caira_cute: = Infinity
Tier 1= Exterminator
:assault: Assault 1-3= Dragonscale, Monarch, Night Hunter, Sword, Victory
Assault 1-4= Arctic, Predator, Ragnarok
:medic: Medic 1-3= Night Hunter, Phoenix, Savior, Victory
Medic 1-4= Arctic, Predator, Valkyrie
:support: Support 1-3= Leviathan, Night Hunter, Nordita, Tempest, Victory
Support 1-4= Arctic, Predator
:trapper: Trapper 1-3= Blood Eagle, Bushman, Maneater, Night Hunter, Victory
Trapper 1-4= Arctic, Predator
Tier 5= Victory

:monster: Current Monster Skins:
All= Default, Elite, Gold
Base Monsters= Bog, Carnivore, Cosmic, Frostbite, Magma, Savage, Voodoo, Wendigo
Goliath= Clownfish, Digital Camo, Red Panda, Taurus, Tiger, White Tiger
Kraken= Calypso, Man O’ War
Wraith= Clownfish, Hornet, Jellyfish
Behemoth= Amethyst, Blood Rock, Glacial, Jade, Moonstone, Sandstone

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New skin for finishing your Determining Ranks!


So, I was thinking, since the Infinity skin was only available for Bucket, what if the entire Tier 2 is going to get Infinity skins through challenges? Tier 1 has the Exterminator and we’ve been asking for more Tier exclusive skins. These may be it!


Amethyst Behemoth and Ragnarok Torvald in store today! :monster: :assault:


Well, this idea just got scrapped, lol.

But the good news is there’s a Maggie Infinity skin to be earned! Here’s how:


Valkyrie skin is now avialable for Slim! :medic:


Said it many times before. Now there is a thread for this, make skins a challange! Not all skins of course but some that are unique and can only be gained by doing something hard so its more appropriated!


Still hoping for another shot at the full Predator set for Support (or just Cabot & Sunny at least). :confused:

But it’s nice to know they have more skins up their sleeve. Huge fan of all the current skins.

I’d like to know if we can expect all the older buyable skins for Team D, or if it’s just gonna be certain ones. Monarch would be sick on Torvald, Maneater on Crow, Leviathan on Sunny, Phoenix on Slim. And Night Hunter for the whole team, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:


Still waiting for the tier 4 night Hunter skin ._.


Clownfish Goliath is out!


I’m still waiting for the T4 night Hunter skin why is it taking so long .-.


stop it… Wait really?>


Yeah, that just happened, lol.

I hope they finish the set and release a Clownfish skin for Kraken now.


aaaaaaaaand?>/. Behemuth/.


Behemoth Moonstone skin is out now!


Caira Infinity Skin Challenge Weekend!


I can’t play this weekend :frowning:


NEW Kraken Frostbite skin and a second chance for Kraken’s Gold skin this weekend if we hit hunters with 60,000 Lightning Strikes!