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Oh man. I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother.


Thanks, but I’m fine.

I’m hardened to the deaths of loved ones now. While I’ll miss her, I wasn’t hit by it nearly as hard by it as the rest of my family was.

This could be cold of me to say, but I’ve gone through this 3 times now. Its never easy, but you get used to it at some point and you accept that things’ll be whatever they will be. The only thing left to do is to accept what happened and move on with your life, as life will continue regardless of how long you wallow in grief and it will just end up eating you in more ways than one if you don’t let it go.

This is part of the reason I have a detached outlook on life when it comes to friends and family.


I agree. That’s exactly how I feel.


Welp I got a new one.

I decided to poke around on the bowels of the internet (mostly using Google) trying to find a Canadian female friend of mine that I haven’t seen on her usual online haunts since October of last year and I’ve known this chick for a good 10 years now and she helped me through A LOT of rough spots in my life in the time I’ve known her. Her usual haunts are Skype and Steam (at least the ones I can reach her on). Come out empty since my skills in searching for people on the net suck nuts.

Last I heard she was dealing with some legal bullshit which I don’t really want to share publicly. Suffice to say the last convo I had with her about 6 months ago she was contemplating suicide if shit hit the fan. That line alone is why I’m concerned about this. I looked around the bowels a few months ago when she first went dark and came up empty-handed. Being in the states, I can’t exactly look for her myself physically.

That said, I know its likely too late to do anything, and I frankly, fear the worst, I.E. She axed herself. This isn’t the first time this happened to me, I just want to know what happened to my friend whom I consider family and a sister. If she’s dead, so be it, but it’ll at least give me closure.

And before you ask, yes I attempted to get a phone# and other contact info out of her (I even gave her mine) in case something like this happened, and she wouldn’t budge. With the other two cases of my best friends committing suicide, in both instances, I had their contact info and social media pages, I don’t have those with her despite my insistence that I get them, she wouldn’t budge, so I didn’t push it anymore, annd here I am now.


Sometimes I think the internet is a better place to be.

Friends you talk to don’t want to see you in person
Family members would rather see people they like than people they barely talk to

I’m starting to think this 2 week vacation was a horrible idea


[quote=“The_Specialist, post:997, topic:71496”]
Sometimes I think the internet is a better place to be.
[/quote]Honestly, I think it’s the worst thing to happen and it’s getting to the stage that people would rather talk to you via the Internet than in person


Even if it is for a free webcam code, I’ll be happy someone talked to me :slight_smile:



Looks like they are trying really hard to force players to leave the game…


Some sick fucks posting video’s on Facebook showing animals getting slaughtered or ran over


Alright, update on that friend I mentioned back at the end of May. She’s alive. So my worst fears were not realized. I probed a bit, but she didn’t want to share so I didn’t press the issue. We caught up, let her know that I’m relieved to see her alive and gave her a virtual hug so to speak. lol

So yeah, all’s well with her, for now.


Happy ending?


By my standards, yeah.


I love alcohol. Not drinking it myself, but I love what it does to other people. How it numbs their ability to care about consequences, and their tongue is freed up to say what the heart cannot. When your “friend” talks about their “0 tolerance for cheating” and how love is sacred and absolute faithfulness is paramount, but then actively encourages your boyfriend to cheat on you when you aren’t there.

In this way, I consider alcohol a rather effective weed killer.


People do stupid things, when they are drunk


There’s those kinds of drunks, and then there’s my parents. They’re the kind that get angry and start fights lmao


Yeah, but it’s normally things they want to do when sober it’s just that they understand the repercussions of what they’re doing, whereas when drunk, they don’t. Alcohol doesn’t typically conjure thoughts in your head out of nowhere.


I just love it when someone makes a fight out of something that was never a fight in the first place


pats back shhhh it’s okay Spec


Don’t you love it when someone you don’t like keeps bothering you and annoying you even though you’ve told them to stop and then they go and tell others that you hate them and that they’ve been nice to you even though if they were to be nice then they would have stopped talking to you when you asked them too?


pats back shhhh it’s okay Max