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Do note, my stepmother. Me father married another woman, and that woman want’s me to be put away. Me mother is fine with me luckily


Still, step or real that’s pretty bad.


I mean, It isn’t completely out of the blue; I’ve been suffering from depression for quite a while (but I won’t go into that too much), and it now seems that she’s started to think that the only ‘cure’ is a mental hospital.


If you are a threat to yourself then i would agree with her, but if it’s just bullshit thoughts and low mood well that’s just something a hospital wont fix


Indeed. Once I become a threat to either meself or others, then you can lock me up. But I mean come on, I’m ‘only’ (notice the fucking asterisks) depressed. Nothing more, nothing less. Absolutely no reason to hide me away😂


Welp Grandmother’s dead. I’ve been up since 4AM, no naps, and I went to bed at around 12AM EST last night. So yeah, there’s that. She died in a pretty slow process. Not a way I want anyone to see any person go through.

I spent half the day out in the god damn heat trying to modify my truck to accept a new radio and automatic windows/locks. I. Am. Tired.


On behalf of the community,

We’re sorry for your loss


Maybe you should go? Not trying to be rude, but it could be good for you.

I’m not saying to go, I’m just saying to maybe think about it.


phh good luck with that meme supreme… Plz hangup and try again…


Uh, what?


Meowmix… that is all


I mean, I’ve had therapy for 3 years now, to no avail. Going to a mental hospital is basically the same as I did for 3 years, only more intensive. So I don’t see how talking more would help, when talking in and on itself doesn’t help.

Besides, I’m finally starting to get going with school and friends. Going to a mental hospital would nullify all of that hard work again. I think that would only get me more depressed


Thank you. I feel a hell of a lot better now that I’ve managed to sleep for a good amount of time instead of losing it because of various circumstances.

What it requires is fortitude. Remember that everything in life is temporary. I’ve noticed a lot of Americans - myself included - have an extremely positive outlook on life, that can be good or bad, take your pick.

You are the only one who can change yourself, and if you feel helpless about it, try something else until it works. You’re at least trying and forcing yourself to function, so that’s more than can be said for some people in the same pit.

Just take your time and work through it. You’ll eventually mature out and it won’t bother you anymore. I’m nearly immune to loss now because of the amount of shit I’ve gone through. You get used to it eventually.


That was exactly my take on the whole thing when I was asked if I wanted to stop therapy.

I have my bad times, but I have plenty of (relatively) good times as well. They say I’m severely depressed, but that’s because they only talked to me during ‘dark’ times.

I mean, I’m never 100% happy, but like you said, you’ll get used to it, and learn to live with it. And I’m confident I will too


Those last two sentences say you’re not so much depressed as much as you just want to move on with your life. Good thing imo.


Makes sense, but maybe you could go not to join, but to just scope it out, see how the environment, see if it’s a good place for you rather than just going in blind or bailing on something that has the potential to seriously benefit you.

I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, I’m just saying that it could be a benefit to you. They wouldn’t have opened the facility if they didn’t have your best interest in mind.


True, true. And I appreciate the other views on the subject. But like I said, I feel others are making my problems way bigger than they seem. Like, I’m depressed, yes, but not suicidal. Never was. I wonder sometimes how death would feel like, but I never ever plan/planned to kill meself.

So yeah, I might take a look sometime to see how life is there, in case it ever happens that I do need to be taken in. But I don’t think that is ever going to be needed


Okay, I can respect that. Just remember that you shouldn’t put your pride before your health. So long as you’re good and aren’t having any thoughts of harming yourself or others, I’m cool with it.


Apparently because I don’t understand a problem and someone posts on facebook a post about how we can ask questions to better understand something, I am not an asshole because I lack empathy…

How the fuck is a lack of empathy because I literally don’t understand make me an asshole?


People being overly sensitive… At the memorial service today for my Grandmother who passed on Monday, I had to play 20 questions with my aunt who wouldn’t give me a straight god damn answer as to why she was limping.

Give me a straight answer if you don’t want to answer 20 thousand questions.