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We had a friend with a cat that lived to 23 years! He had lots of health problems for the last 3 though.


How old is he or she?


He’s 18 or 19.


TL;DR: Grandmother on my mother’s side is dying. I give it around a week at minimum for her to kick the bucket. Month max.

Sooo, about 3 months ago, my grandmother had to go to the hospital for fluid entering her lungs and numerous infections in addition to chronic conditions. She’s been in a downward spiral ever since, looking worse for ware.

Her condition was slowly improving, but she ended up in the hospital again a week ago. Long story short, there’s nothing they can do and she has a DNR (do not resuscitate). Best thing to do is just to let her feel comfortable, until she passes away.

Come to find this out today. I saw it coming a mile away since 3 months ago so I knew it was a matter of time. I’ve gone through this before with my grandfather(s) and two of my closest friends, so its nothing new to me.

Honestly, its a little disturbing to me how well I’m taking this. Besides the somber atmosphere, it hasn’t really affected me much in the way of functions.


Damn. Can’t they do something about that? And don’t feel bad. It’s actually good for you to take it well. It’s better then falling in despair and depression, at least.

Unless, you’re lying about it not disturbing you. If it is, and if you feel like it, you can talk about it; I’m here to listen.


Nope, can’t do anything about it.

I sincerely doubt I will shed a tear until later. It isn’t so much the action of me taking this in stride, its the matter of that I’m indifferent to it. Something along the lines of “I saw this coming,” in the back of my mind. I’m more concerned about my mother on this matter.


If you plan on facebook arguing with me, don’t ever ask for my sources. You better go take a bathroom break because you are going to be here a while. I will give you sources.


I heard it from one of my friends who heard it from one of his friends that Ubisoft either thought or was going to pick up Evolve

Yet I have searched this up and came up with nothing, I think that friend is bullshit, unless I’m missing things

If you got “sources” show me this so called “statement”


This idiot said that Hemp production would save Americas economy and build thousands of jobs.

As soon as I read I thought “You better set your ass down because I’m about to drop a metric shit ton of knowledge on your ass”

I sent him four non-biased studies and a DEA briefing over the legality issues and wrote him 9 paragraphs explaining the whole thing.


How I imagine this guy seeing that post


He was not prepared for the level of argument I can bring when I am on my A game.

He was just a dumb stoner who wants weed legalized.


Da da da da daa / It’s tha mothafuckin’ D O double G


So then, why shouldn’t weed be legalised?


Well for starters I never said it shouldn’t. I was saying that je wanted weed to be legal so he could get high and was using hemp products as an excuse.

But I also don’t think that it should be legalized either. Mainly due to valid health concerns I have.


Aaand another attempt of me stepmother to put me into a mental hospital foiled! Bitch thinks I’m born yesterday. Well, guess what, I know my rights

Seriously man


Your mother wants to put you in a MENTAL hospital! That came out of a left field. Why the hell would anyone want to put their own kin in a mental hospital. (Outside of them being truly insane).


Do note, my stepmother. Me father married another woman, and that woman want’s me to be put away. Me mother is fine with me luckily


Still, step or real that’s pretty bad.


I mean, It isn’t completely out of the blue; I’ve been suffering from depression for quite a while (but I won’t go into that too much), and it now seems that she’s started to think that the only ‘cure’ is a mental hospital.


If you are a threat to yourself then i would agree with her, but if it’s just bullshit thoughts and low mood well that’s just something a hospital wont fix