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Fuck. My. Eyes.

They won’t stopping shaking. Shits getting blurry.


Still didn’t go to the doctor?


That would be a yes.


You need to go to a doctor


Probably. But that costs money.


Health is wealth


Say that to my 17000 dollars of medical debt.


For fucks sakes what are you a retarded fish put commas in your thousands!!! (From this up is all a joke)

Also no joke go to the doctor, who fucking knows it could be cancer, Ebola, signs of going blind. Just get it checked out seriously. What do you want us to do about it??


I don’t know? Listen to me until I go crazy I guess.
But really I’m just tired of going to doctors. Debt collectors cant call you from the afterlife after all.



I was being ranty btw if you couldn’t tell


Sigh You don’t think permanent damage can occur from prolonged pressure on the eye is a thing is it?

Cause I sure hope not. lol This has gone on long enough now it has become comical and surely has to be effecting something.

Also vertigo is a little bitch. She made me fall down the stairs a bit earlier. Its okay though, my hard head managed to hit the ceiling (which allowed me to land on my feet). I’ll let you figure that one out.

Edit: You know I have enough daily issues I could probably make this thread my daily blog if I cared to talk about all of my problems lol


Ouch :tired_face:[quote=“CptBoomBoom, post:943, topic:71496”]
You know I have enough daily issues I could probably make this thread my daily blog

The internet is still a place (I think) you shouldn’t place you issues people should take that to people in their life in reality, if they are going to make others read it anywhere and everywhere.

I’m not a doctor sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


Glaucoma is excessive pressure within the eye. My mom didn’t get hers treated early enough, and has permanently lost some of her vision as a result. It kills the retina. I don’t know if your symptoms point to glaucoma, I’m just responding to your question about eye pressure.


An injured neck or back can cause pressure to the eyes and give you Vertigo


Eyestrain can also cause Vertigo


Doubt glaucoma, I’m like 99% sure its got to do with my sinus issues.

At least I sure hope it ain’t glaucoma as I have enough issues as is.


Maybe it’s sinusitis? When I had it I remember that it gave a horrible pain in my eyes and forehead, so I ended up going to a doctor.

I started taking claritin and other medications and eventually it went away.

Edit: Does it hurt more when you get up or start shaking your head?


All this talk of Vertigo got me thinking of this:


this is a good thread to click if you want Regular status, or of maintaining Regular status, instant 300 posts read ? hehehe


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