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What can I say? This is life. Anything could happen anytime.


Why does every single person on the internet assume I’m trying to argue with them?

It’s called talking, carrying a conversation. Quit accusing me of shit…


Because there’s no inflection to text so they project how they feel on to what you write.



Very emotion. Much scare. Wow.

How out of date are doge memes now?


Replied to a girl I know on Facebook, she jumped on me for being an ass “her words” when I was literally trying to help her with the question she asked. I was trying to be as nice as possible…

I asked another a question to a different guy about his post because I was legitimately wanting to know and he replied with “you just like to start shit on here don’t you?”


There’s your problem.


The Facebook comment section is a horrible place, stay way from there.


When I first got my FB account I was on it for a month before I got bored (After asking for it for at least 4 - 5 years) (That was until Snapchat, Instagram, Forums) and I continued on with other shit :stuck_out_tongue:


There is too much extremism in people. Too much “my way or the high way.” No more things in moderation because we refuse to swallow our own pride.


Spitters are quitters.


I…Don’t want to think about that rn


That’s accurate.


Okay, here’s an actual rant about something petty, but I’m going to say it anyways because fuck you, that’s what I want to do.

I’ve fallen in love with reddit lately. It’s my little geek paradise to catch up on all the latest news involving my geek hobbies. One of said hobbies is fictional battles between fictional characters i.e. Godzilla vs your mother. It’s on a subreddit called r/whowouldwin

What really grinds my gears is the circlejerking some people do for some characters, whereas other characters, like the Xenomorph, are woefully underestimated.

I can fix the Xenomorph problem, I’m working on a respect thread. What I can’t fix is people’s perception of motherfucking Pokemon. That shit was my 6-10 year old childhood and bled a good bit into my teenage years, but fuck was it good. That being said, I just read the dumbest fight I think I’ve seen on there!

2 of every Pokemon, excluding Legendaries, vs every animal on Earth. Can Pokemon wipe out the ecosystem?

#You bet your ass they can.

I mean, are we forgetting that they’re magical animals with crazy powers? Magcargo is literally hotter than the sun. Garchomp can fly at jet plane speeds. Nidoking can destroy a metal transmission tower with one sweep of its tail, and Tyranitar literally destroys entire mountains when it gets mad. Pokemon don’t need fucking legendaries because literally all of them are broken to shit! The weakest one, Magikarp, can still jump over fucking mountains. Mountains!

#Do you know how big a motherfucking mountain is? It’s fucking big, man!

And then there’s another one that’s Xenomorphs vs the Pokemon world, excluding legendaries! The original poster keeps changing the rules so the Xenomorphs literally have zero way to win, and even then, it’s not like they’d win all that often because Xenomorphs can’t solo mountains! When has a more grounded, realistic creature ever beaten something magical with crazy anime powers? EH?

And these are the fights that get upvoted! Why?! They’re so lop-sided its embarassing, and I have to sit there knowing that my favorite creature is once again either woefully underestimated or grossly outmatched. At least I can fix that though.

But dag-gonit, Pokemon fans, do your fucking research before you make a fight. Fuck.


the next TRS’ IP is taking too long… too long…


Hello, sir.
Have you ever heard of a “honeybadger”?


I heard it gives zero shits and/or fucks about anything.


You heard right.


It’s not going to be for a while bro


Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)

I spend a whole hour building up a army in Command an Conquer and the team AI keeps nuking me