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(Incoming Overwatch rant)

So I’ve been doing horribly as Genji lately, and I just don’t understand why. Half a month ago I’d be getting pentakills and PotG every third match, now I just seem to die more than I kill people.

I don’t know if I’ve gotten worse, or if I’m just being paired against much better players (which I definitely am).
I’m currently level 120 but I keep getting paired against level 300-500 6-man premades, which seems less than fair.

What makes it more frustrating is that I know what I’m capable of but I just can’t seem to play to my full potential anymore.

sigh, let’s hope this won’t last longer than a month.


These forums are so damn liberal it’s unbelievable. I try reasonably arguing my views and 10 people band against me. Now, do they try seeing my point of view? No. They decide that they’re right from the get go. That what I’m saying is untrue, lies, crap. Yet I still try conveying my points in a reasonable manner.

I know that I’ve won an argument when the person I’m trying so hard to be reasonable with decided to start throwing names to mock me, saying that I obviously didn’t listen to them nor understand them, and just stop talking entirely to me. Bloody hell people, grow a damn spine. Treat those with differing opinions and views with respect. Be reasonable.

I feel all this heat from the other side.


That’s the exact reason I try to keep my mouth shut. But holy cow I just hit the breaking point from time to time.


Yeah, it gets ridiculous sometimes. Especially right now.


well people will always have differences. the important thing is whatever will help people be happy in the long run


One of my friends is going to die in 11 months from an unknown terminal illness. October 2017 is going to SUCK.


[quote=“SnakeSound222, post:882, topic:71496, full:true”]
One of my friends is going to die in 11 months from an unknown terminal illness. October 2017 is going to SUCK.
[/quote]Sorry to hear that :frowning:


I’m so fucking tired of “Ranked” games…THERE IS NOTHING RANKED ABOUT IT

Oh you got 700 I’ll pair you with a 700 that play like a 1,500!

I got my ass kicked by a 300 as a 100 I SHOULDN’T EVEN BE PAIRED WITH HIM

I fucking hate it, let’s just stop calling them Ranked games and start calling them Shitting Pairing games


What game are you talking about? Evolve? Overwatch?


It’s actually a game you probably may not know of but it’s called Brawlhalla


It really pisses me off when i hear of a person dying or how we haven’t came up for a cure for major disease


Ya. It’s an unfortunate reality that it happens. Even more so when someone died as a result of something already easily treatable and curable.


It’s a part of life. Diseases are generally bacteria just trying to survive, like all of us. Every species has the same three basic goals; eat, procreate, survive.


Yep. The circle of life at work.


Minor as well,there are countless disease that could be permanent
It’s not really that simple,every disease is different on each and every individual,on most case,the gap are often minor or overcome by modern medicine.Any left disease are often too different the be cure properly,so any inherent knowledge are often worthless.
Other reason why such disease are because lack of knowledge and information,technology limitation,and lack of severity (Cancer sure are awful,but most patent are old age people with little profit)
Also,keep in mind that we get sick first before we actually study it,leading to time consuming and lot of heart-broke decease


What can I say? This is life. Anything could happen anytime.


Why does every single person on the internet assume I’m trying to argue with them?

It’s called talking, carrying a conversation. Quit accusing me of shit…


Because there’s no inflection to text so they project how they feel on to what you write.



Very emotion. Much scare. Wow.

How out of date are doge memes now?