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Instead of learning to play against him and actually try to counter him you choose to go with this, and that means nobody will ever take you seriously.

If you would rather quit and come here to complain about it like this instead of stating your concerns in a calm manner, nobody is going to listen.

It’s kinda like saying


Nobody listens to that kind of guy, and by sounding like that kind of guy who only cries in an unhelpful manner, nobody will care and nobody will listen.

Also sidenote, glad this thread got revived. Es a gucci thread


To be fair no one really listens unless you main the same character as them anyways.

From my brief experience on this forum that is anyways.

but I also agree they took what sucked about slim and just made it apply to all monsters instead of him just being the bane of most of them.

I loved the idea of a high risk in your face medic that depended on staying as close as possible to the monster.
that was literally his whole concept.
But because Krakken can fly they had to make it so he can do like 90% of that healing at pretty much any range, while also removing any skill or muscle memory related to his use.

IMO the only diff between a day 1 slim player and a pro slim player is dodging/positioning, the healing effectiveness is pretty much identical for all intents and purposes.



Would you like some pepper to go with that salt?


For those who dont know, I have 5000 hours on Team Fortress 2. I also an admin on a local community server, so sometimes it’s my job to make the environment a good place.

Except the environment let’s people get away with saying racial slurs so really it’s just kicking hackers and muting 6-year olds.

That’s all fine and dandy. People are who they are and they’ll say what they’re going to say. I…honestly don’t mind it too much. It’s wrong, yeah, but I don’t say racial slurs and I dont go out of my way to discriminate against people for traits out of their control, like gender or race.

What gets me is the recent surge of NFSW material on the server. I have a pretty bad habit/relationship with NSFW material, and I’ve been trying to break myself from it for over a year now to no avail. It’s not like I can’t handle being in the vicinity of NFSW material, it’s more that personal events in my life have made NSFW less enjoyable to me and, again, I’m trying to break from a bad habit. But man, some of the players are just going out of their way to find NSFW material and blast it all over the map. And sometimes its not even “normal” NSFW material, but material that’s just a tad too overboard to discuss on a public forum.

I love TF2 to death and the people on the community server are really fun to play with but man, sometimes I just don’t understand what drives people to have a pissing contest using NSFW material. I don’t get angry and I don’t try to change what they’re doing but man…some days it just boggles the mind.


Yeah I’ve noticed that too. Probably that most of the people reacting to my post are Slim players who enjoy themselves fully and will be mad as hell when he finally gets nerfed to the dumpster. That’s fine, they shall make the most of it.

I agree with everything you said.


They aren’t reacting to your post like that because you made some strange, absolutely ridiculous suggestion about Slim’s balance. Everyone (INCLUDING THE DEVS) agrees with you. It’s already been stated that he’s getting some substantial nerfage in the future.

People are responding to you like that because you’re acting like a dick.


I won’t deny I acted like a dick. Thing is, from my point of view, the huge majority of people play Slim because he’s broken and they want easy games (they will be people playing Slim because they like him ofc, like any other char, but concerning Slim, it’s obvious it’s a minority of people) and that pisses me off. Simply because I’m not like that myself. I just don’t abuse broken things, in ANY GAME I play because I think it’s a really uninteresting thing to do.
It’s just sad a lot of poeple act like that. I realise that there will always be people like that and that saddens me. Games would be so much funnier if, once something has been clearly discovered as broken, people would just stop abusing it untill it gets tweaked…


I understand where you’re coming from, but you also should understand that some people actually like Slim. Not because he’s OP trash, but for his personality and kit and design or whatever else. Not every Slim you come across just wants an easy win. And yes, I am aware you already mentioned that in your post. I just feel that you still aren’t really taking that fact into account.


You’re the admin, and if it don’ sit right, then get it outta there.

  1. I’m an admin, not the owner
  2. It’s something that most of the server regulars enjoy, so, admin or not, I’m not going to force them to get different sprays.
  3. Admins may objectively have more authority but admins shouldn’t dictate materials that we aren’t explicitly told to immediately terminate (hackers) or progressively deal with (“tiny baby men” on the mic)


No, but I suppose you can take it up with other admins/the owner and see what their viewpoint is? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think if they’re okay with racial slurs being thrown around like politicians throw around insults then they won’t mind NSFW material.

It’s my own personal matter, and it’s not exactly frustrating; just uncomfortable. I feel if it was highly frustrating, then it would be worth taking action against, but most of the time if I’m uncomfortable I just suck it up…


They only thing destroying evolve now is the “newer” community.


Today wasn’t good. I was feeling more depressed then usual. And then I lost my work practice spot. I’m feeling so defeated.


Shin Godzilla is not leaving theaters yet. It’s staying until October 27. However, all the theaters close to me are either not playing it or are playing it when I am not available. I hope Funimation lets more theaters play it.


Depression fucking sucks. Really sucks. There’s no reason for me to be sad or upset, but I am. Today had been fine, short day at school, no real work, easy classes, played a good amount of Destiny, but I feel like crying.


I know that feel…


It’s just shit. I can’t feel like I can talk to anyone, not to mention I didn’t get to see my therapist this week. Talking him usually helps. I just fucking can’t.