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I guess not.

Anyways, why does Legacy Ranked appear to be dead today? Every other day, I have always found players. But today, it’s like no one is on. Unless they are all in 4 hour long church sessions.


Monday mornings at work are fun.
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Sorry, I accidentally moved a “closed” message in to the thread and set it to delete, it should go in an hour.


Aaaand I just rekt my tailgate.
Dear people with children,
When someone nearby is trying to park a tractor, do not let them scream at the top of their lungs, that is the single scariest fucking thing to hear when operating heavy machinery.
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Sweet baby Jesus, I feel that people are starting to complain just to complain


Myaah! I dont like this thread!


Complaining for the sake of complaining about people complaining for the sake of complaining isn’t going to achieve anything.


I was only partially complaing and partially having fun


Game is unplayable as hunter, only Russians speaking potato and refuse to teamwork.

I guess that´s what you get for free2play… Russians. Sounds racist, might be but english should be mandatory on the internet.


Same experience here

I have quit dota 2 and csgo solely because of russians.I had a russian flamer just now in Evolve too shouting his horrible annoying language to us because he couldnt use torvald’s mortar.Couple more russians and i quit this game too before its too late


Can we make hacking in video games illegal? I hate it so much, plus it makes the game unfair. Played against a hacker in Dying Light Be The Zombie. He was only on Siblings (the fourth story quest you get), yet he was legend level 192 and killed the Volatile spawns extremely fast. What made me more upset was the fact that all he did was spam Drop Attack. If he had gotten to legend level 192 legitimately, he wouldn’t spam like the noob he is. I am going to report him tomorrow.


Yeah, Dota 2 really sucks.


and counter strike too


Last night I had a full mental breakdown. It was all because a dream. I get these dreams of the future where I see events that will happen, but I have no clue when they will happen, but I can immediately recognize the event that happened in my dream before it happens. This really fucks with my grip on reality. Sometimes I can’t differ a dream from what’s actually happening. This gets worse because my dreams are so lucid and visceral.

When I don’t have these dreams of the future, I have dreams in which I completely control my own actions and can do whatever I like. I usually just go about what’s currently happening in my dream, and don’t do anything that would tell me that I am dreaming. The only reason I know I’m dreaming is because of my physical features. They never match what I actually look like.

So last night, an event that happened in a dream I had about 5 weeks ago happened. I was talking with @DarkMesa and playing No Man’s Sky. While doing so, I immediately felt that something was wrong and began remembering the dream I had. This lead me to freaking out terribly. I began screaming and breathing heavily. After a few minutes of panic, I calmed down. I got off the game and stopped talking to Mesa.

I thought I was fine, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Adfrer completely turning off my PS4 I collapsed on the ground, began hyperventilating, became numb, and completely lost all sense of control. I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming, if anything was real. I started crying and I had no clue what was going on.

Luckily for me, I found enough reason to call Mesa back and became reassured, after about 30mins, that I wasn’t dreaming and that everything was real.

I plan on talking to my psychiatrist on Monday about the while thing to hopefully figure out a way to prevent it from happening again, or ways to combat it.

Scariest Thing That Happened to You?

I hate MKX spammers. Especially people who spam after losing one or two matches.


I hate spammers in any game.

It’s cheesy, it’s not sportive and worst of all, it works.


Welp, I am feeling like total shit. I factory reset my phone yesterday, completely forgetting that I had yet to back up all my story ideas from it. I just realized that I lost something like two to three months worth of inspirations and concepts.


People like garratose make me sick!


Well, I just had two straight games in a row as Gorgon against really good Hank, Slim, Maggie, and Blitzkov comps. Got absolutely destroyed after making a single mistake. Adding to the fact that I lost every single monster game I played tonight. Suffice to say I’m a bit salty.


So many hunters abusing the speed glitch. Lost 2 games with it.

Was on a 65 game winning spree as kraken and now I feel so sad