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Mighty No 9 disgusts me, what a slap in the face :upside_down:
4 million dollars and you come out with that?


I think I’m gonna pass out from both mental and physical exhaustion and if I hear one more “just try to pull through” I might just drag them through my toilet and supernova their asses.

Man am I glad I revived this thread.


I know that feeling, hope you can get some sleep and much deserved rest soon :slight_smile:


Why exactly?


Have you tried talking to a doctor yet? Sometimes your health affects how you sleep. I don’t recommend sleeping pills unless there is nothing else possible.


I plan on doing so if it continues, but to be completely honest I just think I’ve fucked my sleeping pattern up naturally.


It has so many problems, you could probably google it and find more than I could say :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . I’ve ran into bugs, crashes, and the last game time my game actually broke, just stopped working.
Actually I think it got delayed on Xbox360
I think there’s a quote from the dev saying something like “I own all the mistakes of the game”


Wow, with all that went into it I figured it would have been a shining gem. I wonder if the release was pushed up on him.


I think we all did, think mega man is dead with this one :confused:
Dunno if this or sonic boom is worse


If so, I’d like to know. Is there any REAL plans of giving anything of note to the founders or are you all simply trolling them in attempts to clear the player base of them? I mean, those are the only reasons I’ve personally come up with for why you slapped them with 3k coins in the start. Why continue to just ignore people telling you what they don’t like about the game and you just continue to do it. We’ve been telling you for years what would have made the game better and where we all said FREE TO PLAY WAS A GREAT IDEA, you went and gutted the game to an unfun mess to do it… Please would you just take 1 hour…1 real hour and sit and read all the neg reviews on steam. That way you don’t have to go searching and waste time…just 1 hour and read them. You will see common themes and ideas that we all for the most part agree on. Stop listening to your boss or whoever the hell is giving you these stupid ideas and think of WHAT YOU WOULD WANT TO PLAY. Is this really the game you guys had in mind when you started? Because I was there in the start and it was fucking great…BUT YOU DIDN’T LISTEN TO ANY OF US and now its this. LEARN FROM THIS.


Could you take one hour and format your text from a unfun mess to something more readable?


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I don’t get why this would be closed. He’s expressing his opinion albeit in a slightly aggressive way but he’s frustrated and asking.


Alright then, forget I said anything


I’ve read crap tons of negative reviews on steam.

And the vast majority of Players I saw complained it was a running simulator where they spent 90% of a match chasing the monster Instead of fighting it because they never saw the monster

Seems to me like they listened to these complaints pretty closely.


Many of the changes made in Evolve S2 were to remove common complaints, like Flee 'Till 3 or 1 sided matches.


The games reviews are up to 67% recommended, which is 21% more than pre-F2P

Founders got an additional 27k keys for a total of 30k, which saves them a significant portion of grind. Founders also get people to play the game with, which is the most important thing the devs could have given anyone. Adaptations? Founders don’t have to pay keys to unlock them if they already owned the character, saving them from even more grind.

I’ve been having more fun with evolve than I ever had, a lot of others feel the same way.

All in all I feel like we’ve gotten a lot. People are bound to disagree, and that’s fine. Is the game perfect as it is now? No. Does it have as much depth as it used to? No. But the majority of players did not like the way it was prior.

You don’t have to play stage two, you can go to Evolve properties, hit the beta tab, and select Legacy Evolve if you’d rather wait a year to find a game.

Meanwhile, I’m going to keep having fun with Stage Two, as founder who believes this game is at least for the most part better now. I look forward to seeing whats on the horizon.


Is this closed or not?


It’s not, well that’s weird. Says it’s closed.