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Awww, bring it in. <(^_^<)


You cannot just lock your door? I imagine this would solve the problem a bit.


It’s an open loft area where I stream.


Does he just do it to bother you or does he really not know when you stream?


I tell him everyday when I stream and give him my schedule. This week it’s today at 2:40PM C.T. and tomorrow 6AM C.T. till 2:30PM C.T. and Sunday 6AM C.T. till 10:30AM C.T. then back again at 7PM C.T. till 10PM C.T… He just randomly butts in without saying anything. I then have mute myself for 10mins as I throw him out. Great when I have 50 people watching me.


I can’t stand background noise. When I’m talking to someone, be it on the phone or in game chat when I’m playing games on my PS4, I find it as so insulting, especially when I’m doing something competive. People in the background, breathing, fans, dogs, anything other than the person’s voice and I’m going off on a tangent. This gets amplified when I’m streaming. When I have over 100 people watching me, I don’t want those people to get annoyed and leave due to background noises from other people I’m in game with.

I’m there to entertain, inform, and show great gameplay. Not become mad due to annoying unnecessary noises that can easily be solved by simply muting ones mic.

Take two days ago for example. I was streaming Battleborn with over 113 people watching me. I invited a person in chat who wanted to play with me, so I invited him in. Everything was going well till he started talking more and more. Soon it wasn’t just his high pitched voice, it was his sister’s music, the game audio from his speakers, and this FUCKING BALLOON!!! AFTER EACH FUCKING MATCH HE’D GRAB THIS DAMN BALLON AND RUB IT NONSTOP FOR THIRTY SECONDS!!! After politely asking him to stop with the balloon, close the door to his room so that we couldn’t hear his sister’s music, and getting him to turn his game audio down he kept finding ways to be super annoying.

He’d sing, he’d talk overly loud, and he’d clap over and over. How hard is it to be polite? Seriously? How hard?


here is the simple solution just kick him and tell him to never come back



I know you’re joking, but I really can’t do that. He’s a viewer, got to establish a connection with them.


yeah I know : P


People keep on having loud noises in their background on their mic. It’s really annoying.


I hate it when the police tell me to put on pants in public


I know right? Thanks a lot Obama.


You know what?! Screw you too, I should be able to use freaking


in my password if I want to!!! But no! It’s too close to my stupid last name!!!







Now I have to go change a few passwords.


Just died to 3 pigs in dark souls II…died 3 times


Sometimes days are inevitably shit.


I just lost 30k souls in Dark Souls 3…

I just had to take a break from it =/


I think Im gonna be sick…