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Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)
Untill Slim gets nerfed
Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)
Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)
Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)
Smash bros so corrin is super pay2win
Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)
Why I think the community and r/evolvegame tear apart their own
Holy crap this game is almost unplayable!
All of the Monsters Suck, Except Kraken
Scrub. Git Lost :T (Say Something Random)
Scrub. Git Lost :T (Say Something Random)
Im so p.od right now
Life Anonymous (Rant about life in general here!)
Are the Devs really live?
Complaining for the sake of complaining
This is getting better and better

I hate how most people consider those who enjoy Anime, Manga, etc.. are considered "Weaboos" by all. I despise people like that.


The Dark souls ports to PC's are the laziest ports I've ever seen.


I really hate all these feels I'm feeling but I can't not feel them and they frustrate me.


I read a book until I start feeling different feelings


I already read all my books D:
Now I'm angry cuz I don't have any new books.
Thanks Trump.


I reread books and when I'm out of them I find free things to read online and if none of that works I find a 24 hour bookstore or bust out my emergency stash of books that make me feel better.


I was trying to get to the ER quickly when my step dad was having a stroke, but these slow hippie drivers were in front of me. For about a minute I rode up on them close, to see if they would get the hint that I wanted them to go faster...a terrible move, I know, but I was kinda not thinking my clearest in that moment. But I quit that idea when it obviously did not work and instead tried to pass. They saw me desperately trying to find some way around them, to no avail. They looked back at me and smiled and kept their slow-mo pace. Meanwhile I could not get over AT ALL due to oncoming traffic or dangerous turns in the road where that is illegal to do...and very unsafe. I backed off them like a sign of resignation until finally they turned off my road. When they did, two of the people in the car gave me FULL ARM EXTENSION MIDDLE FINGERS out their windows! The car briefly had middle-finger wings on both sides! I floored it and sped off angrily towards the hospital wishing I could have just told them my predicament...I am not a dick driver!


Don't worry, everyone in Hawaii is like that. And the speed limits reflect that. 55-65 mph on highways, 25 on most streets. 35 mph if you're lucky.

They even have bumper stickers that say "Slow down, this ain't the mainland" ...The lot of them can go get a life.

Scrub. Git Lost :T (Say Something Random)


That sounds ridiculously aggravating. Like, just wow. These are the kind of people who make me lose hope in humanity confused


I regret nothing, they drive slower than rocks rolling up a hill.


I hate Minesweeper games that need you to guess, I swear half of my games end up with a 50/50 chance


I'm actually jealous, up here its the exact opposite, everyone thinks they're a nascar driver, god forbid you do the speed limit, its either 10 MPH over or GTFO, they're just


To be fair, from their perspective I was just one of "those drivers." I call these particular people hippies because they had flowery patterned shirts and long hair...and nowhere in the world to go apparently.


There's a lot that I could tell you about what's wrong with Hawaii if you're living here. It may be beautiful, but the people refuse to accept any method of doing things outside of their own. If I were to list them, it'd be a loong rant.

That sounded really bad, I enjoy living here, but the people sometimes... just no. Stop it. Bad people.

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It's not even Americans, it's the 'locals' who believe that the worst thing to happen to Hawaii was it getting annexed. And the other people who don't say anything in the government plans until the builders show up and start construction... then those people go "Oh, I don't like this, I'm going to physically protest." Even though they had every opportunity to say something about the plans while they were in development.

And don't even get me started on how they treat outside people. Gah... just so ech.

Scrub. Git Lost :T (Say Something Random)

Theres an owl that won't shut its stupid beak and I'm about to go out there and roundhouse it for disturbing my quiet evening on the patio.

If theres one thing that I've learned, its that humans are odd creatures, And I'm still not 100% why we all do how we do, but we do, so it just happens.


Ugh I just HATE HATE HATE HATE THE NEW SMASH!!! I love this game series to death but the new one cuts so much stuff out of it and the ai... oh the ai is ATROCIOUS! All it does is spam grab at the EXACT RIGHT TIMES WHEN IT IS UNDODGEBLE and perfect blocks NEARLY EVERYTHING!!

Let's put it this way, every fight the ai gets nearly 60% per stock just from grabbing. If they used grab SITUATIPNALLY as it should, it would barely be a challenge, so iut just spams grab to give the illusion of damage.

ah, that was a goooooood rant.

there are things that get me even more wound up but when I was typing it I realized that I might insult some people because my language during those rants because it reflects my upbringing in public schools. smile