General positivity thread


In light of this thread Thank you TRS (srs) I propose a positivity thread for those who hate the negativity of some people. I’ll start us off

I’d like to thank the devs for making a game that I personally have never gotten bored of, and I’d like to thank the players I play with for being good and being friendly! This is honestly one of the best games I’ve ever played. Thank you TRS and thank you, players.



Why do you need a mod?


@Sledgepainter, I’ve got a new lovely place for you to stay!

We can talk about nice things the whole dang day!

I’d like to post something, if you’d allow me to,

It’s a poem I wrote for Slab, and Macman too!

and Mountain, K wants a mod in here for security,

The last nice thread got trolled into obscurity

Cause this one appears to be for just positive stuff,

So show all those haters how nice can be tough!


Its good to see some positive people are still on the forums.


We need a mod to get this pinned


I know this rough patch on the forums will pass an everyone will be OK again. For now we just need this kind of positive attitude.


I think we could use more positivity threads like this. I tried, but unfortunately everyone came to my thread with complaints and negative comments >.>


The opposite happened to me. I made a thread inviting people to complain, and I got like 3 bazillion people saying everything was awesome!

I mean, it kinda ruined my thesis, but still, twas encouraging.


I may not have evolve but I have the community that I love seeing that I always care about and give hugs (>^^)>


Leaders can pin too, but we prefer to be a tad more selective with our pins. You could get the mods’ permission.


Naw this thread is OP and this game is totally unbalanced…

Cause I be having way too much fun… So I think that’s why all those other guys is salty


Positivity game too weak, please buff


There’s too much salt in our diets as it is, why add more? :smile:


Wait… what is this… it’s… not… rhyming… Who are you and what have you done with Mortalbound…


I love the aesthetics in this game. As an animal-lover and creature concept artist, I’m way impressed with the monster designs. They are incredibly unique and well done; Kraken and Wraith especially, but all the monsters have their own awesome characteristics.


Idk about you but I been one a protein and jetpack fuel diet… How much of a hunters chemical makeup is salt??? I wonder


I agree, it is quite cool how every creature is so unique. It’s funny because they were just talking about monster design inspiration on the 24 hour live stream :slight_smile: