General Feedback


First off, would like to congratulate you on making a game which is in my opinion one of the best games this decade. As someone who have never played left for dead before, I had not yet come across any assymetric shooters (unless Saxton hale from TF2 counts). The overall experience of evolve is brilliant, and I cannot wait for new characters modes and maps.

Unfortunatley, I still feel Wraith is too powerful. At stage 2, in most of the matches I played against wraith, I felt that the balance was in the wraiths favour, despite stage 2 meaning that the battle should be able to go either way, like with the other monsters. Part of this is due to hunters pot bring used to fighting wraith, and the whole game itself, so I can understand your reluctance to instantly and massively nerf the wraith. But I have a suggestion. Currently, it is easy as the wraith to escape the arena by either sending back a decoy, or if ythe trapper is near you,keep 3 bars of teleport. When you hear the arena being thrown, dash three times, and it should get you out. Therefore, my suggestion is to slightly increase the wraith traversal stamina recharge rate, but decrease the distance that each warp covers. That should make it easier to get it into the arena, although it is still hard to make it fight.
Daisy has had a lot of improvements, which has led to me in hunt finding her the best trapper. Daisy revival ability and her awesome tracking of the monster almost makes her a must have on any team. Feel griffin is a bit weak at the moment. Easy to destroy a singular harpoon, whereas Maggie cab have 5 down at a times even if they do take a few seconds to arm and have less range. Sound spikes are fairly ineffective against a strong monster who will just play a long sneaking game.
Medics apowrfulalanced. Never know who to take and enjoy playing all of them equally
Medics are well balanced although it can be very difficult as Laz to revive a hunter if the monster decides they want them dead. In my matches against Laz, he normally gets one hunter up,and then his cloak runs out, allowing me to focus him entirely, causing the team to lose there no strike reviver. Nest is IMO in favour of the hunters slightly, but almost all of my nest matches are as close as they are intense. Great fun.
Single player mode works well. It is nice to be able to test out all of the maps and effects against the AI which are pretty decent, as long as you give them enough advantages.
The tutorial explains the game well at a basic level but both the good and bad thing about evolve is its high complexity, which means that if you haven’t been following evolve and watching evolve videos, there’s a good chance you’ll be missing out on some good tips. Advanced videos are good, but there are just so many strategy’s that they can’t all be explained in a couple of videos. In game messages about monster tracks and plants are well done. I encountered a depressing number of people who would revive normally even though Lazarus was in the game. Would be good to have a notification on that.
Assaults are also well balanced.
Hunt mode is really fun as always, and I actually like the fact that the other modes are confined to evacuation (apart from in custom matches) as it makes them feel special when you do play them. Feel rescue is in monsters favour as monster can ignore first 2 survivors, stage up, and then be the closest to the next to survivors, therefore be able to kill them before the hunters get there. It is by that point no difficult task to kill 3 of the remaining 5 survivors
Goliath and kraken feel good but as mentioned above, wraith still feels very powerful
Another thing I love about this game is how my preference system at the beginning of the day is never the same at the end. I love every single role so much and with each character bringing a different play style to the board, I get to play this game in so many different ways.
Apologies for bad spelling and grammar and structure. Tablet is playing up making writing this a pain in the arse xD


I had high expectations but they managed to out-do them!