General Feedback on The Game, 2k, DLC's aso


Hi there,
at first i know that not all things i will mention you’re responding for, or is your concern, but i think you should knew it. It sounded in the description of the Forums like you’re interested in the opinions, and experience of your follow Gamers and customers. And i hope i’m understandable, english isn’t my mother language and it is now several years ago i had this in School.

I’m a pc gamer and also a collector. I love to buy Special and collectors Edition, i think everybody needs some Hobbys. (Hence a lot of CE’s aren’t worth the money or are in a bad Quality, nonetheless as a collector your are willing to buy it.) Also i Support the initiative to buy local. (Especially not supporting some online stores that well known for bad work conditions, exploiting affiliates aso.) So it is a shame that there is something going on on the market, that you get everywhere different preorder bonuses. Especially when “the best ones” are at the stores you will not supporting. I don’t like this trend and i think there are many like me, sharing the same opionion out there.
Also there is some bad habit evolving with dlc’s. Mostly pushed by a Publisher who elected the worst Company several years in a row. ( with ruining and out bleeding some very good and popular franchises) But it is not only this Publisher, today are most of the great ones doing such things and forcing the developers to produce such stuff, some are better, some are worse, but it is a negative trend.
And i fear this Game is going in such direction, which it truly not deserves.

This Game is great, it Rocks, really! It was one of the 2 most anticipated Games in the last years for me. I Already loved Left 4 Dead (i posses both games), and when i heared from Evolve (which was Long before all my friends does) i was already in love and wanted that game and was eager to Play it. And soon it was listed in my local store i preorderd it last year. (I also have an Arrangement with the store here, the owner knows me and that im always wants the ce’s sometimes the Special Editions are later announced as the normal ones, so he does upgrade my order to the Ce’s. when he hears about it.)
And now with this Monster Race pack and the dlc’s i’m Feeling punished.
I was one of the first who believed in the game and got faith in it.
It’s no matter of the cost. But that i got less Content than other People that decided for the game one week before release is a shame.
Also that i got no possibility to upgrade to this pack, and i must buy the stuff individually with financial loss.

Also i got problems with my my2k account AND the Smartphone game. (Data erased account with was active seemes to be from one day to another inactice and i can’t logg in) Im in contact with the 2k Support and we’re conferecing now for over a week, and im not really Close to a solution.

(Had to go, will write more later)

What i wanted to say is, this game is great, really and it surpassed my expectations, but a lot of the circumstances around the game are a shame and reasons for a lot of ppl to avoid it, and that game will not getting the Attention that it deserves, what makes me sad.

With Kind regards



In a perfect world a game would release absolutely flawless with no problems.

This is not a perfect world.

Give them some credit for making a great game and cut them some slack as they work to iron out the things that need to be fixed.


Sorry that i had to interrupt my Thread, but i had to change location.

This Game is great, better than i hoped for. I mean every time, since the first time, when i see the Trailer with the Danzig cover i got goosebumps.
I know there are some minor and greater bugs, thats normal in every game and thats nothing that disturbs me. This game is already great and it will be more in the future.
And i hope i will conveince more of my friends to begin to play.

And this Problem with the my2k Account, that it was deactivated and all my progress on my smartphone seems to be gone. I know this might be some 2k related thing and it isn’t cleared what is the reason for it. Its annoying, maybe its fun reducing for me that a benefeting feature isn’t working for ME.
But thats like i said maybe a pain in my behind, but nothing really bothering me.

But what it is, is this DLC stuff. I’m not a great fan from such stuff, especially when i game is fresh out and there are dozens of dlc’s already available. But hey, don’t get me wrong.
I think it is a great thing that you have the possibility to individualize your play experience, to look different from other players. I don’t have anything against cosmetic dlc’s. When you want it, buy it and all is good.
That’s a very good way to handle it.
But as an early supporter, a fan i feel kind of “betrayed”.
I was there, “from the beginning” and pledging loyality.
Normally there IS the preorder Bonus to honor and to reward the people that support a game, even when its long time until it will be published. The heck, Games that get crowdfunded are giving away different stages to support, which will also different rewarded, which also is appealing for people to support in an early stage. “To buy a pig in a poke”.
But to release more stages short before the release which more and appealing content is a lazy move from the publisher and the early buyer are getting punished.
I know there are wages, debts, commercials, general costs to be payed and that is justified. Also i hope the Devs get the tribute and the financial appreciation of their great work. This game is already great and im expecting a lot more for the future.

But, and i think that is also not in the interest of the devs, that are so much “negative press” about the relaunch of the great game.
They wanted a great game from gamers for gamers. And i think this goal is really accomplished.

But with the financial marketing and the moves during the release, they have damaged their fanbase.
And like i said, i and a lot of other people i’ve read in the last day in the media, are feeling kind of pranked.

I know, it is nobodys intention, and this is a part which they have absolutely nothing to do with…
And this is the ongoing problem with publishers in the industry…

But i will think twice in the future, before i will support or buy a not released game, 'cause i don’t wanna be the fool.
(Which means lesser planning certainty for the future products aso. And thats a opinion a lot share.)

And i hope there will be in the near future some kind of rewarding to the preorderer. That they can upgrade to a monster race pack.
The heck, when it where announced at the beginning i had bought it. Even when it was more expensive. I upgraded my pc only for this game for several hundred dollars.