General Feedback on a few subjects


Game is really well made, I enjoy the hell out of. What I don’t enjoy (sometimes) is the community, but that’s almost to be expected now-a-days. Point in case: Anyone who says Kraken is OP but has never thought to use Griffin’s Harpoon Gun against him and the players will whine, complain, and moan until the end of days no matter how much you try to inform them that Kraken is -not- OP.

So here’s a few things I want to bring up:

Evacuation Vote System - This is… So dumb. Why even have it? Apparently no-one thought that’d be a problem in a 4-v-1 game. Might as well just take out every Rescue map in the game because no-one’s going to vote for it.

Griffin’s Harpoon Gun - Excellent, useful tool… when it works. Every so often the damn thing glitches out and won’t reload (despite a harpoon being in the barrel), takes a -lot- of button mashing and screwing around to get it work again. It’s a hard counter to Kraken but damn it all if you can get it to work reliably.

The Mouse Cursor - Dear lord this is the most annoying thing in the world. It either doesn’t show up at all, or it stays on the screen permanently and moves around while you’re looking around with your gun. Incredibly distracting.


First off, thanks for giving your feedback in a neat polite manner

The mouse cursor thing is a known issue, do they should be working on fixing it

I think people underestimate griffins harpoons because they shoot them at his forward side, where he will instantly destroy them

The devs have said that evac was meant to be the least competitive of the game modes, the one you play casually with your friends, so they don’t just pick The mode based on what they they think they’re more likely to win
I do think thy underestimated it’s popularity though, so maybe a reworking of the vote system for evac should be implemented

They have said


They said the voting system isn’t final and will change it based on feedback, they’re sorta aware of the 4v1 nature of the voting and how it can be skewed towards Hunters, hopefully they’ll take notice with telemetry or just feedback from the forums.

Personally the loser should take the pick since he’s already at a XP and map effect disadvantage and only gains an Auto Balance feature.


One more thing I forgot to mention is that (and this is just a personal issue, not necessarily something that needs to change) I feel like, sometimes it’s hard to do a random-group-up where I don’t always play the Monster. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing the Monster, but I don’t enjoy playing the monster -constantly-.

I think there’s a little too much power in the party only being able to play hunters because if I just happen to land in a lobby with two people in a party, I’m already getting a 1/3 chance to play the Monster, guaranteed. I personally prefer playing the hunters but I don’t always party up, so while I want to have a PvP experience… it sometimes feels like I’m more likely going to be the monster in order to have that experience.

I’d personally like some function to be able to queue up for matches without being put into lobbies with parties.