General feedback about the game


I will try to keep it as objective as I can:

The Good:
Overall I really like the game.
Game looks great, although rain and flashes can be a little too blinding at times, but it’s probably by design.
Sounds design is good and I like that I can have a general idea where the monster is just by sound.
You can unlock the hunters and monsters quite fast, maybe a little too fast.

The Bad:
The menu and interface is not so good and somewhat unintuitive, I will explain:

You can only see the skins right before the battle, no way to preview it anywhere else.
I still don’t understand how I can see what needs to be done to unlock badges and backgrounds, other than post-game progress. NOT talking about Accolades !
Sometimes, the cursor is visible in the game.
Sometimes, the cursor is not visible in the menus.
When this happens, I use a combination of SHIFT+TAB and TAB to get rid of it, or get it back. - Yes, I use Steam.

While in pregame countdown, there’s no access to options [audio, video, keyboard mapping]. I have to either way to be in the game or go out to the main menu.
Also countdowns, countdowns everywhere…

When selecting a Hunter or Monster, I want to be able to hover over the character mastery and see my current status. [Let’s say I need to get first star for harpoon, I want to know where I’m currently and how much I have left until 1st star. For monster is even more important since you can put a limited mount of your evolve points into a certain ability]

When joining a game in progress, I can understand not being able to chose the hunter, but I cannot accept not being able to pick my perk. Right before joining and taking over the bot, I should be able to chose my perk, same goes for the Monster.

Matchmaking still has some issues:

  1. When playing in teams of 3 seems to be some kind of Achilles Heel and has some interesting behavior. MM takes a long time to find additional 2 players to fill the hunt.
    I had a situation where I was playing with a friend, and joined another set of friends [3v2] and my friend played as a Monster, which should not happen normally.
  2. If I play and there’s are open slots and a friend joins the Hunt, seems that MM prioritizes that the monster is Human controller rather than AI, even superseding the rule of “friends can only play as hunters”.

Late game joins resulting in losses should not be counted towards ranking.

I want a toggle to see the class of hunters instead of ID. Some people pointed out that this is by design and that I should check the colors, but honestly, while playing the Monster I really don’t register the color of the hunters and I mostly use the shapes and voices, but it’s not super effective. Also, I find myself checking the hunters healthbar more than anything else.

When pressing T, I want to see what hunter is. Currently I only get class and ID. Imagine joining a game in progress and you have no idea what type of hunters you’re going against.

I don’t see anyway that this will change but here it goes:
When playing the monster, it feels a bit “arcade”-ish. It feels like my attacks are rather directed in a general direction rather than a hunter [talking about Goliath]. The most frustrating is the lack of feedback when either the hunter is in the air or we’re both are.

While flying and running out of fuel, it happens that the edge detection is not so strong that I fall to the ground, and it takes a few tries to rise.

Again, I really like the game, I’m having tons of fun. If you guys can take this feedback and improve it, would be simply awesome !


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