General Discussion for improving the game



I feel like people should be able to check out what hunters/monsters abilities do before actually starting a match and then just having a brief description and ability icons. To fix that> when you go to the characters tab there should be in-dept details about the character and his abilities and for an example if u click on an icon of an ability of the character it shows a short video demonstrating it…
Also what happens to daily sign in rewards when u obtain something you already have? For an example I buy kraken today and on day 18 I get it for free, do I get 6500 silver to compensate or nothing? Same with perks if I have a maxed perk already and obtain the said perk via leveling a character or daily sign, do we get a compensation for how much it would have cost for the 3rd upgrade or just nothing?
The rewards for consecutive wins should be implemented, plus 25-50 silver for each consecutive wins
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