General Devil May Cry Thread: New Dante Gameplay Footage!


So, general Devil May Cry discussion goes here, I suppose.

I’ll start off with the latest trailer for Devil May Cry 5 coming out of Gamescom not only did we get a sneak peek at some Dante gameplay (which looks as wonderfully over-the-top as you’d expect) but we also got a release date for March 8th 2019.

Whilst it took a while for everything we saw in the E3 reveal trailer to grow on me this trailer had me grinning like an idiot from start to finish. From the reimaginings of some past enemies (DMC3 and 1) to the gameplay, to the banter, to the sheer OTT-ness of everything I think I’m convinced at this point. Devil May Cry is back, baby!


Got a bit of new info from PAX. I’m assuming that all the info that was left in was everything new, or relatively so. Gotta say that it’s looking good so far and I’m looking forward to TGS so we can see some Dante gameplay. Note: There isn’t any DT gameplay here, so the title is somewhat misleading.

EDIT: And the entire opening has been leaked on youtube. I’m not going to post it here just in case people are trying to avoid any spoilers, but right now it’s pretty easy to find. Just a word of warning, the video itself is muted and just has DMC music played over the top of it.


And here we go, with TGS we get our next DMC5 trailer featuring a whole lot of Dante gameplay. And I love what I saw, though it seemed that the player in the trailer wasn’t as good with Dante as they were with Nero, so I’ll be looking forward to watching some high-level Dante gameplay in the future. We even got the official reveal of V’s face at the end of the trailer. Not that, that means much, given the fact that his face was already revealed in the leak. XD

I also gotta say that Lady and Trish are looking good, they absolutely nailed their look in this new art direction. I also cannot express just how happy I am that they made Lady look more like her DMC3 self as opposed to her DMC4 self.

Methinks that the next trailer will likely have some “V” gameplay in it

EDIT: And here we go! An entire 15 minutes of Dante gameplay. Any doubts I had about the game are gone at this point, and so far we’re looking at a glorious return to form. The man is back!


The return of the Cerberus nunchucks has now been confirmed but this time they have three different elemental forms. The standard ice nunchucks, what looks like a fire bo and some kind of lightning weapon. The amount of fanservice right now is immense and I love it.


And here’s the latest trailer from TGA with some V gameplay included. I’m loving just how unique he looks when compared to both Nero and Dante. The first demo drops for XBone tomorrow, so any XBone owners here should check it out.


And as of earlier today the multiplatform DMC5 demo dropped for both PS4 and XBone. Here are a couple of videos of my first run and some jump cancelling practice respectively. At this point any doubts I had are well and truly gone.

I am a tad rusty in these videos, so the gameplay isn’t the best.


And after some practice (not as much as I would normally put in, given that I’m juggling this demo with Resi 2, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Divinity: Original Sin 2) I got my first S-Rank run. Not the best player out there, but I feel this was pretty good play on my part.