General Clarence Discussion Thread!


I wanted to make a thread about Clarence in general. I really like Clarecne, and of course Clarence is my favorite! And Jeff because I like his personality. He really funny to watch and his more often or not, he the smartest one of the group. Also, he very sanitary about getting his hands dirty or in general. He’s very uptight about his possessions, but on rare occasions, he’s still does have a playside. Just with very high stardards.

Unlike Jeff, he’s the adventure one of the group, because he’s the one who makes everything fun.
As seen in one of the episodes. Clarence thinks hes invited to a party but it was a mistake. When goes over the party’s house, he realizes it is a girl party. But they let in they have fun, so yeah. Back at Jeff’s house I think, it’s really boring without Clarence. That’s why without Clarence, the group would basically fall apart of bordom. So he’s also a party starter or something.

Now to Sumo. He’s kind of more the patrick of the group. Because he’s always having fun some way and some how. But sometime, he can actually try to do things and think as seen in the episode “Dream Boat”. He’s tries to build a boat to impress his dad and Clarence and Jeff both help him. So he’s just the really out there one in the group. But most of the time, he plays around with Clarence alot. But in the same episode “Dream Boat”, Sumo calls them for help and they pretend they’re doing something else and are busy. But really they were playing a trick on him because they were sitting on the couch.

What do you think and what are you favorite characters in Clarence?


How old are you buddy?


Why does that matter? I’m too old for Clarecne?


It’s just a question, you don’t have to answer it


to be fair asking a question like this in this topic does make it seem like he was saying he was to old.

But on Clarence I haven’t really watched it I have seen one episode and seemed like an okay show.