General Appearance of the Hunters a bit 'Old Fashioned'


So here’s the deal. It’s the one thing that has bugged me about the ‘feel’ of the game. I love the maps, the monsters, and the hunters. But one thing has always poked me in the immersion factor.

Why do all the hunters look like they are wearing stuff that’s way before their time? I mean Val and Lazarus look at least decently modern. But honestly, only Markov and Parnell look like they are reasonably equipped to take down a goliath or any kind of monster. I understand that each outfit is supposed to coincide with the characters personality, but looking at Hyde’s metal toilet bowl collar and Abe is straight out of a Clint Eastwood western, it really hurts the feeling of the game.

It just seems that the hunters should be wearing actual armor rather than whatever they could find the 5 minutes before the hunt. These guys are getting dropped onto a planet by a spaceship for christ sake, the should dress more appropriately for the job.

Anyone else feel the same way?


We purposefully steered away from doing the sci-fi look that everyone expects. We wanted something more unique to Evolve, that wouldn’t be mistaken for another game. We took sci-fi and blended it with old west and industrial revolution visuals. Gives us a lot of freedom to explore all kinds of different levels of tech, or lack thereof. :smile:


With the monsters being as fast as they are, speed is important. You can’t have armor and speed. To be honest, why would people who hunt tigers/rhinos etc… need armor? They don’t. Speed and stealth is important. If the events unfolded as fast as they appeared, it seems like this happened fast and we know little about them. The hunters are also the first recon team as well.


Or it could just be that answer :stuck_out_tongue:


Also consider the fact that they werent expecting to fight the monsters. Their job is usually to go around mopping up crowbills, tyrants and the like. Until now their own gear has been sufficient for the task at hand


I have to be honest, I really love the different styling, feels more appropriate to me as they’re hunters, not soldiers etc. But I take your point, it is quite juxtaposed to the whole “massive spaceship” thing haha.


While I see your point, I also understand why TRS went the way they did which Slab outlined above. Much like Issac Clark, these guys are not supposed to be Spess Mahrines and their outfits have to reflect that. These are mostly field scientists and freebooting adventurers, so their clothes are lighter, more accustomed to handling the claws of small creatures then a rampaging Goliath and give an impression of people who are generally light on their feet. And this doesn’t even get into the argument about armored suits versus forcefields…


I like the feel artistically, it suggests that this isn’t something that the universe has dealt with before, and that the people involved aren’t part of some kind of well oiled team they’re just skillful individuals with some interesting tech or weaponry that gives them the edge they need to take on a monster :smile:



@Mufasa you’ve played too much Warhammer 40k. “Those space-marines though” …


Actually, the best sci-fi doesn’t look particularly “science fiction-y.”


Such a shame the series didn’t made its ending.


Yeah, many of us at TRS are big fans of Firefly. Safe to say we drew some inspiration from there. :blush:


They’re strong, independent game developers who don’t need no tired science fiction tropes.


Damn Omni! Bull’s Eye.


Firefly ruined all other space movies for me :cry:

RIP Firefly


I was about to mention Firefly.

The inspirations are apparent. I do like the choice.


I’m really glad you didn’t take the straight up sci-fi look. It makes it much more believable for me, and is a really fresh visual style in today’s age of games.


Or Halo, both borrow heavily from the Starship Troopers style of space marines (the book, not the movie series.)


Call me old fashion, but I couldn’t differ more in my opinion from the OP - I absolutely LOVE the old school feel of the hunters. Thank you TRS for no (at least no noticeable) anime based models, and nothing too futuristic; getting so sick of that stuff that even games that seemingly might have some great game-play are a complete turnoff for me in visual style (Looking at you Overwatch!)

/end mini-rant.
That said, I acknowledge we all have different tastes, so I understand other’s might like something a bit more futuristic.

Personally I think the current look of the hunters captures the feel of Shear and the jungle hunt, etc. very well.