Gene spliced humans


There is a lot of talk about gene spliced humans with bugs and what not. Apparently they were in a war and lost cause they got agro after acquiring bug parts.
So the tech definitely exists though I don’t know the details. Would a hunter use it to become a planet tamer or become a planet tamer if they were born gene spliced? I would absolutely love a gene spliced tracker who could use a nerfed version of the sniff ability of he was spliced with some sort of nasty animal( the sort griffin has on his wall). Without going into full furry I think this could be a very cool Hunter design. pic unrelated.


A spliced pony hunter would be cool.

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The albino (elite) spotter gives a perk for hunters of being able to sense wildlife within 40m, which is pretty useful if the monsters tries to hide in the caves underneath you, or is trying to sneak past you =D



Best assault ever.


The trapper (with the pet bird and wraith like quills sticking out) teased in the season pass picture may be a person with spliced DNA.


Goliath: Gene spliced humans? Sounds like a delicious meal


I have a feeling you will get your wish.


I imagine a gene spliced hunter is not far away. As mentioned above, I think that the new hunter may just have a little ray bat in him/her.

I also think the new assault is a cyborg with robot legs and a normal human upper body.


Yes, Bucket mentions some sort of mutant hybrid that served in the Mutagen War when talking to Hyde. Don’t know much more about it though.