Gen 1 Basilisk Soldier


Could a Gen 1 basilisk soldier take on a monster? They seem pretty powerful. It would have been cool if you could have played as one.


Could be the case. The Gen 1 soldiers were said to be monstrous themselves, were they not?
I’m still gonna stick to my theory here and say the picture below shows us two old concepts of Hyde (on the tracker row) and “Brick” (on the assault row).
Just a shot in the dark, but, are those bug wings on Brick’s back?
And doesn’t he look awful similar to Hyde’s old concept?
Never letting this farfetched theory go


I think dr monroe is a basalisk sokdier trapper concept

Those insects look really similiar to the one slim has.

As for gen 1’s. They were large hulking soldiers driven berserk. They could absokutely solo a s1 monster


I’m pretty sure when talking to Slim, Torvald mentions one of his friends turned Gen 1.


Yeah. Its there.

Torvald mentioned the gen 1 passed away pretty quickly. As most/all? Gen 1’s did.

Slim is gen 3, perfected splicing.

I wish i knew if the gen 2’s were like 1 or 3’s in terms of lifespan


Weren’t Laz and Hyde deployed to kill the first gens? Like, the Lazarus men and the Chemtroopers


Judging from what they said I don’t think they would have fought many gen 1s, sounds like they were too unstable to be used


Actually, they fought the gen 2’s.

Gen 1’s died on their own fairly rapid. Comparitively speaking. I belive it wasnt till the end of the first war it was discovered that the ONLY wayt o kill basalisk soldiers was by fire.

@MajorLeeHyper can correct me if im wrong


A-haaaaaaa. I’m with you now.


Source is from the Timeline/Lore/Megathread

That’s all we’ve got in terms of events :b


No worries. Its not like an actual timeline exists


Wouldn’t be the only way, just one of the easiest


I’m pretty sure Hyde and Lazarus fought Gen 1.
From the impression I got, the chemtroopers were matched pretty equally against the basilisks, so I don’t think they were that strong.

Didn’t Slim said they had a habit of going berserk and were unreliable? I think he also stated they were pretty big. Probably too big to even fit as an assault.

The chemtroppers had acidic chemicals in their gloves. Hyde modified his chemspraryer to use napalm/petrol becasue it was easier to come by after the war.


I was pretty sure the gen 1 had such a powerful exoskeleton that bullets didnt pierce them


Here you go- from the lore megathread, this is all we have so far, kinda.


Dont forget that chem troopers are ‘super soldiers with spliced dna as well’.

It’s just not outwardly appearent


Much appreciated


Well those were probably just regular bullets, armour piercing ones or explosive May have been able to kill them, but Hub probably viewed it as easier/cheaper to retrofit their soldiers with chemsprayers than to upgrade their ammunition, perhaps due to scarcity of minerals (particularly real vent if they were suppressing a rebellion which may have limited their source of supplies)


You can’t say this until you’ve actually seen one. What if they’re only as tall as Parnell, with half the health of a Stage 1 Wraith? Pretty sure it’d get fucked up.

Just because it says that they were bigger and badder than Slim, doesn’t mean they’re bigger and badder than a Goliath.


I’m in no way saying they are as strong as a monser I’m saying it would be cool if you could play as one of them as a hunter.