Geez goliath with movement speed


I played it for the first time idk why but it reminded me of

it gave me nostalgia of this game espically at stage 1 fast as fudge jumping around leap smashing punching and I had the poison frog skin on too which benefited it.
not sure if this would go on goliath or off topic games


This is more of an Off-Topic post.


I can see it now…Goliath is OP threads springing up…hahahaha!


Well Meaty is pubstomping right now.


As are all monsters, to be fair.


But Meaty is right behind to Behemoth right now as it feels. :laughing:

Kraken is a killer nonetheless so he’s in his own demonic category.


Mass Destruction was a great game once you got the tank throw move, before that you were generally pretty weak


Honestly, I can’t play him without that perk.

He’s so annoyingly slow after S1 it’s ridiculous.


The funny part is all monsters are the same speed throughout each of their stages. The only thing that changes is the camera following you is higher up, giving you the perception of slower travel (aided by the longer strides and thus less frequent foot-falls).


I know.

He is annoyingly slow, compared to his size, if you prefer.


I freaking loved that game back in the day, Memories…


To give you credit he may be the tallest monster, or at least the one with the highest camera. I know he always felt like the slowest among them all to myself (although his efficiency in traversing the map is pretty insane).

@The_Mastermind I would assume you may have insight into this? It is a bit strange to ask about camera height comparisons though.


haha. tis is a strange question as we can’t actually measure where the camera is, in a easy to do way anyway.

i might be able to figure some things out when i get the time though and put it on my to-do list as it possible using relative objects like walls to determine the height and getting angles aren’t hard once you know distance.


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