Gears of War: Ultimate Edition HYPE


This thread is devoted to the upcoming gears of war remastered, I am STOKED for this game and am beta testing it now!ésilien-Image-3-1179x720.jpg
I’ve been a huge fan of this series since it first came out! So for all on the Xbox One, climb aboard the Hype train baby!!
I will say I want to see new material and am curious to see what will happen with CliffyB out of the picture but for now I’m so excited this game is getting a remaster! :slight_smile:

Also, Gears will be coming to PC as well so PC gamers get pumped!!!
I cannot hyperlink on mobile so I’m asking all members to copy links relevant to Gears of War on here and encourage everybody to give updates soon as they find out about them!


Duuuuuuuude, you have to check if the toast easter egg will still be there!

or was that GoW 2?


What iI do know is that the active reload on sniper is still OP from beta testing, I haven’t checked to see if they kept the popular glitches like skydiving or the kung fu flip just yet


It’s going to feature an extra 90 minutes of campaign play and gears of war 3 style matchmaking… Oohh the excitement is real


For some reason my buddy got 3 codes for the beta and he’s doesn’t even have an Xbox one he received them on mine so I used one (which he can play my profile is primary) and we gave the other 2 to buds :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah one is the beta and one is a token?


Wait. Is it live right now?


awful gears of war it dosent play like gears one it plays like gears 2 possibley the worst gears game controlls/physics you also get stuck on all the walls when running worst gears yet in my opinion well atleast online im just gonna wait for gears 4


switch to alternate control scheme i got tired of that too and it helps


i was playing the beta yesterday…it was awsome


That’s how the original was though, you’ve got to learn how to bounce wall to wall, the gnasher shotgun is your friend in cqc and you don’t need the scope on the sniper rifle. I will say I dislike the people that use the sniper sticker on their TV… Kinda cheap in my opinion but that’s just me. I would suggest they have a classic and updated mode to play to where the new one updates the sniper rifle to where its not an instant down.


i think i will stick with judgement or gears 3 my gnasher kills no one yet everyone elses one hits me


A tip on the gnasher is to not aim with the left trigger


but why that makes no sense


It’s best explained that it allows the gnasher to get a better spread when firing, I start by firing at a wall from the hip to get an idea of where my spread will be hitting and then remember that sweet spot and its better than aiming.


This also helps you to corner shot, bounce shot, and get rodie run kills. The trick behind the gnasher is to always be moving


ewww Judgement, that was the worst gears game ever.


Please don’t mention Judgement. That wasn’t a Gears game.

A Gears game includes Downs on Players in all game modes, Executions in all Multiplayer Modes and Active Reloads in Multiplayer… and Locust Teams… which Judgement had none of these.

Gears of War 3 was the overall best in terms of Multiplayer Smoothness. After playing one match of the Beta I could tell it wasn’t even remotely as smooth as Gears 3. Fun but not as top quality as I would have hoped. I think I will love Gears 4 if it is like Gears 3.


meh i prefer sawed off i only use the gnasher when i rage somehow it makes me better with it


i like judgement i prefer that over this