‘Gears of War’ Movie Gains Momentum With ‘Avatar’ Writer Shane Salerno


So, there is a good chance it won’t suck

[quote]Universal’s “Gears of War” movie has picked up momentum as the studio has tapped high-profile writer Shane Salerno to write the screenplay.

The move comes seven months after Universal Pictures optioned motion picture rights to Microsoft Studio’s “Gears of War” franchise, based on the Xbox video game series. Dylan Clark (“Planet of the Apes”) is producing.

Salerno’s writing credits include the four sequels to “Avatar” for director James Cameron, which begins shooting in August. Salerno is also writing and producing Fox’s drug drama “The Cartel” for Ridley Scott with filming in January. His other credits include “Armageddon” and Oliver Stone’s “Savages.”

“Gears of War” has generated more than $1 billion in sales with over 45 million players worldwide. Microsoft acquired the “Gears of War” series in 2014 when co-creator Rob Fergusson came on board to lead the Coalition, the Microsoft development studio focused exclusively on “Gears of War.”[/quote]


Movies based on video games never end up good…


Well, we can always hope. I think they’ve been getting better at least. Not terrible, but not great. Got to start somewhere I suppose.


hey at least it isn’t the guy who’s gonna ruin MH forever


Shit, didn’t know that was even a thing. That’s really unfortunate.


Yeah really bad. You would think Capcom would get a good director but they didn’t


Financially, maybe. But the movies are pretty shite. Worse than Warcraft IMHO



I’ve heard the WoW movie was really good.

The issue is bridging the gap between fans and newcomers, and potential non-gamers. Frequently, game movies try to water themselves down to the point of wide reception, leaving fans unhappy. But this still usually doesn’t work since newcomers aren’t as attached to the franchise, so unless the movie is absolutely amazing, it’s still probably not gonna stick.

But if you just market it towards the fans and try to help newcomers catch up, it has a lot of potential. Might not be the most profitable movie ever, but it could at least be good.


I wouldn’t call Avatar “well written.”

I’m not holding out hope.


Yeah, the story is quite a bit cliche. Still one of me favorite movies ever though :joy:


It was a very impressive movie. Just the parts that make a good movie have been done forever.

“White people want to destroy planet, natives have to tell them no.” Lol


I love gears of war but this might not end well…
it would need to start at the pendulum wars imo