Gears of War 4 Hype!


I was reading about Gears 4 here-
Got me excited and could not find a thread on this already. I know that there are a lot of Gears fans out there.



Gears of war 4 hmm

Thinks back to Ghostsrobos video…cries

Anyways I love the atmosphere this game gives and it continues to amaze me with every game


I’m skeptical about this, mostly because none of the playable characters have beards, which breaks my heart in more ways than one. I am excited at the same time however. I hope it’s good. I hope there is more to the story that gets explained however. Cringeworthy dialogue aside, i’d like to actually learn what happens in the Gears universe.


“New threat” hmm,im interested now

and locust are still there,good


Big Gears of War fan here, but… but I don’t have an Xbox one. :sob:

Here’s hoping they’ll do a PC release at some point.

Nope. All Locust are gone and instead there’s this new enemy named “The Swarm”. However, some of them can Evolve into drones that can use weapons and such. (At least as far as I understood )


Dang, your right. Would have been cool…


Sad it went back to 2p coop. Game still looks fantastic.


Yo, I am still laughing at the GIF you posted. Thank you!


I wish they would just let gears die off. Gears 3 is my favorite game ever, but the story is over. Marcus killed meerah, the device his dad made killed the lambent and the humans won the war. Their just milking the series now, just look at judgment.


um,judgment was a prequel…

and its clear that the story isnt over


I mean judgment was kinda awful in comparison to how good the other 3 were IMO. And to me the story’s over, any addon to the story would ruin the original. Just my personal opinion.


They screwed up judgement pretty bad when they changed the controls to a more fast paced/arcade layout and the multiplayer overall was a wreck.

The fact that you all played as COG and there were hardly any maps or characters to choose from was just terrible. Also, being able to chuck grenades out with one button like halo and quick swapping weapons just ruined it for me. It was no longer the gears we knew but it was trying to be something it wasn’t.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition gave me hope for Gears 4! Ultimate edition was done so well and is gorgeous to look at. Have you played it @Shepard?


I mean, my name is based on Gears, so I think I’ve achieved fanboy status, but I really wish they’d just… Stop.

Gears 3 had such a spectacular story and ending for the series. It’s my favorite game, behind Evolve. And it just wrapped the series up with a nice little bow.

…And if you played Judgement, you know how that went. Never before had I bought a game and then actually used the 1 week refund thing from Gamestop. It was a tremendous disappointment.

They can still make great gameplay, but I’d rather they remaster 3 for Xbone. If they ever wanna try and recreate a story as powerful as that one… Well, good luck. They set the bar pretty high on themselves.

So I’d rather they stand back and just let Gears be the awesome thing that it was.


@KaptinSkorge For reals? That is like asking Disney to stop making Star Wars movies.

Microsoft bought the Gears franchise so that they can make more content since there is a demand for it. You can always skip buying the new games but there are people like me that want more.


Yeah, but if star wars 7 had been terrible, do you think people would have wanted more? Or regretted it?

Judgement was bad enough for me to be super wary of anything that gets put forward.


Star Wars 1-3 were not very good.

(edit) and were prequels like judgement.


Can the chainsaws have chainsaws???


No, sorry. The chainsaws are now mounted to the COG’s feet so that they can curbstomp and chainsaw people.


No I bought a ps4 instead of an Xbox1. I didn’t expect them to continue with gears because like I said Marcus killed the queen and the lambent were dead. At the very end Anya even says they can finally have a tomorrow to look forward to instead of fighting every day. I feel like they should just stop trying to add to the story before they ruin it.

I mean the multiplayer will probably be really fun like all gears games, but single player story wise I just don’t want them to ruin their franchise by making crappy addons to an already complete story.


I see and I agree that they ended Gears 3 on a good spot.

I like that even though these new monsters looks similar to the Locust they are not the locust. They confirmed that both the locust and imulsion are in fact destroyed.

This team did a really good job on Ultimate edition! That is why I have some faith in them. If Gears 4 comes out anything like judgement they should just close down shop and work at McDonald’s. :sweat_smile: