Gave up on evolve


I finally after 3000 games have stopped playing evolve. It was good really enjoyed it, but it’s pointless playing publics anymore. All the hunters you play with suck ass and run around grouped up together lol the only reason to really play is for the monster but even that is just boring and like playing bots on solo. Don’t get me wrong guys I’m an class hunter and I have a team. I just think there is nothing more to do anymore.


Well bye bye then :grinning:


Try finding some people to play with! Ever since I found some forum people here, I’ve been having a much more fun time playing. :smiley:


Well, come back eventually if they add new content. ^.^


Bye bye , thanks for letting us know you’re quitting with this grand gesture of a farewell speech.

Erm, we will miss you?


We’re sorry to see you leave, however these threads only attract negative and trolling responses. We hope you’ll come back to the game soon though :smile: