Gauss SMG vs Machine Pistol


Was just curious if anyone had any info or knowledge relating to the 2 primary trapper weapons. They both seem and look fairly similar but are named differently with a different blurb about each. I assume they’re about the same with no specific interesting quality to differentiate from each other but figured I’d ask.


Machine Pistol:

  • Higher rate of fire & DPS
  • Wider Spread

Gauss SMG:

  • More accurate, better range
  • Lower Rate of Fire.


I really wish they’d given Griffin a sci-fi version of an old-timey elephant gun as his primary weapon.


Tru that man


This, a thousand times this. Maybe a future skin?


I feel the spirit of Jumanji alive in this thread.


Oh my goodness yes. That jumanji hunter totally reminds me of Griffin. It is griffin right?