Gather your best team together to play me! [PS4]

Im on ps4, and i would like to change it up tonight from playing with my usual crew. So get the very best you got, and play me around 8:30 EST tonight!

Lol michigan you should know about the categories :stuck_out_tongue: changing it to looking for group and putting PS4 in the title

Not on here enough my man

Could have sworn you were :neutral_face:

@B_Wood3235 what about your hunter team, id like to play them.?

I might have a really good team if you’re interested

Illl take on whoever

i’d be down for playing, i can run a good anything except trapper.

Get the 3 best players you know and ill play you guys! My psn is same as on here

ill add you in a few, not sure how many people i can get online though. my local community is kind of dying out. worst comes to worst, ill join up with whoever wants to play you

Sounds good

They may be on tonight but I think they have to work, so probably tomorrow.

ive got people occupying the tv, might be able to get on later. also not sure if i sent the friend req to the right person, did you get one from PopeCrispyI?

No the psn is michigan_ball , but i still haven’t got on, but should be in a bit

gonna come over now

Not sure if I should make a new topic for this or not, perhaps we should make this the “general ps4 challenge thread” or something. But on to the point, I’d also like to play any good or better hunter teams on ps4. For reference I’m a top 20 on both Goliath and Behemoth leaderboards. I’ll be on tomorrow around 7 eastern if anyone would like to play.

Yeah we should make that a thread

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My team will be on tomorrow so they can play you guys then if you’re still up for it @michigan_ball @Creation_Chaos

What? Don’t like playing with your crew so much buddy. :slight_smile:

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No i just wanted to change it up gland gauge other teams talent levels.

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