Gaming World After Evolve


So it’s no surprise that the player base has grown exponentially after going free to play. To the point where it has gone 2 times over what the playerbase was at launch of the game. So I have one question, what will other game developing studios and publishers do after Evolve?
Do you guys think most publishers will ignore this? Make more Triple A games free to play? I want to know what you guys think other studios will do.
And hey, maybe the player base will die like it did and I’m just assuming stuff. I can’t tell the future.


I think it depends on how well Stage 2 performs in the long run. If it works, then yes I think other publishers and developers will have to take notice.


Hopefully, it’ll mean an end to this AAA bullshit and marketing, and more of a focus by the developers on making games actually enjoyable and convenient for players.