Gaming stories

Now this may be lame to some people (sorry!) and I also don’t know if this type of topic has already been made but It would be fun to hear some of your guys game stories. By that I mean tell stories that’s happened to you guys in game that was weird, silly, crazy, unbelievable, etc. I’d love to see what your stories are!

I beat Siberia in Timesplitters 2 on Hard. Thats my story. Jeez, screw that level, it took AGES to do, like weeks but whatever.

Nah, i’ll post something proper when i remember one.

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I feel you man.

Played through Bioshock: Infinite blind on 1999 mode when it was released. Some of the most fun I’ve had in a game for years. Great story mixed with hard yet addicting gameplay on 1999 mode (outside the comstock ghost fights) has made it one of my favorite games.