Gaming PC question from a guy who knows little about them


Ok, I was browsing Best Buy, and happened to come across these three PCs:

Subject 1:

Best Buy doesn’t reveal all the specs, only the RAM, hard drive space, and some other stuff. $520 seems like a good price for a gaming PC.

Subject 2:

Same as the first one I listed.

Subject 3:

Now this is the one that I am the most curious about. $400 for a gaming PC that looks like it can play the games of today seems too good to be true.


A) yeah, it seems to good to be true, so it probably is too good to be true.

B) I’m pretty sure the graphics card is fine except for actually using it for modern games, may be wrong though.


Take it from the majority of the PC Gaming community… Clears throat.

Don’t buy Pre-Built Gaming Rigs. Save yourself the headaches, the trouble, and everything else. Make it yourself, patiently, ask others for recommendations, research online, and so on. I swear it that you can make a $530.00 Gaming PC that will be better than those pre-built ones, you just have to look for the right prices at the right time. I’m sorry if I’m not contributing to the selection you’re making, but I’d rather save you from it and impede you from buying those…, if possible. :stuck_out_tongue:


Which PC are you talking about? I assume the third one.


All these PCs are crap, don’t buy them. The video cards are hilariously old and outdated.


Subject 1: — $461.09… (It says $372.00 now. :o)

I made a PC Part Picker list with that first option you showed us, and it seems you’re getting something way more expensive… :stuck_out_tongue:


This was my reaction.

Can I upgrade the RAM to 16GB? The RAM in there would be $30 (That’s what it said when I clicked on it), so replacing it with the 16GB one (It costs $67.99) should make the build cost around $500 exact. I have two monitors already, no idea of they’re compatible.


Go for it, mate. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’ve steered away from Pre-built. . <3


Going to be perfectly honest, RAM isn’t expensive and it’s not actually all that necessary. You will generally find that 8GB serves all the needs you have.

And yes, do go self-built. It requires effort and learning, but the result is far far far cheaper than what you’d get otherwise.


Yeah, let’s see if I can get my stepdad away from the laptop path.

Also, can this do 1080p and 60fps? Just wondering, my goal is 4K and VR. I’ll probably start out with this, and then get the parts required for a 4K plus VR build later.


Your output will depend on the games you try to play. I wouldn’t expect 1080p60fps on any recent big budget games for $500, and certainly not 4K or VR, which it must be said are still overexpensive novelties at the moment.

$528.61 a bit over budget from $500, but you should be able to play most games. Can probably play Evolve at 1080p 60fps at medium setting.


It always amazes me how much some of our forumers know about conputers.


I’m upvoting this build. I obviously only made a cheaper copy of the one’s the OP offered, but this one is far superior. <3


You better set a decent amount of money if you want to game at 4K.


HDD type : SATA …lol don´t touch this stuff. Incompetent specifications, you don´t know what´s in. low price. Probably garbage components.


Subject 1: Low end GPU. :x:

Subject 2: Lower end GPU. :x:

Subject 3: APU only. and Dual Core CPU. :x:

Plus all those HDDs are probably 5,200 RPM (slower access speeds)


only the last one really, but all these chipsets are either a bit old or integrated onto the mother board.


I just started my descent into PC gaming, and I am only 14. If you are wondering how I got Evolve in the first place, it is because I showed my parents that I am mature enough to play M rated games.

@Slewey Yeah my goal is $2,500, but I’m going to start with with $528 build posted by Kitt and then start getting the parts for 4K and VR.


Those 3 computers are great if you don’t want to play games.
Also it will only really be the graphics card you’ll be able to upgrade to get more power. That might be enough to get it VR ready but if you need more cpu power then it will be a new motherboard, probably ram, cpu, cooler etc etc.

Don’t go cheap initially. Far better to wait a bit longer and get a decent PC than get one that cant actually do what you want.
$528 one doesn’t seem too bad but that hard drive…my god. At least get a 7200rpm one and if you can get an SSD to go with it.