Gaming mouse for evolve


Hello PC Master Race brethren,

I’m looking for a good mouse to compliment my new Logitech G13 gamepad.

Ideally, I’d like four additional buttons (for weapons and abilities). Other than that I’m not picky.

Any ideas?

Looking for a new mouse

It depends on how you like to hold and move your mouse. Find something that fits your hand and work from there. Some people like HUGE mic, some like tiny mice, it just depends on your playstyle tbh. Comfort with your mouse is more important than extra buttons imo. Unless you are playing a game that needs 20 maps to the mouse, of which Evolve does not fit into that category.


Logitech G502. I used a Razer Deathadder for years and I wanted something a bit better after mine started giving out. The G502 is one of the best mice I’ve used and I love it. Has more than enough extra buttons and is great if you’re a claw gripper as opposed to palm.


If it isn’t the Logitech G400/G400s it ain’t worth it. Plus more than 2 extra buttons on the mouse really isn’t worth it. They aren’t comfy to use


I’m still using the Logitech G9X and I have a spare sitting in my desk in case this one bites the dust lol


The G502 is a good one, i used a G5 a long time ago. The G402 is just a cheep plastic budget mouse, only thing that is good is the updated laser. I gues the G500 is a litle bit cheeper than the 502.
The madcat cyborg mouse looks cool and all but not realy the best for the money.
How about a good old ball mouse from 95. They are cheep so you can get a loot of them, and if you rage on a game, just pick it up, hold the mouse cable and swing it around like Jungle George.


I bought G502 not to long ago and i love it sensor wise. I can feel it vs my G500, but there are 2 gripes that i have, and i haven’t decided if i’ll keep it because of them. I use “Claw” grip most of the time, and that 3rd button for thumb is just to far, because of that, i need to use “palm” grip, but then, one of buttons, closer to palm is harder to press. My next issue is with 2nd button underneath the wheel. It’s a programmable button, but i’ts not easy to press it when using Palm grip, at least it’s not easy for me.


Just a nod that I love my Logitech G400s


Anyone have experience with the Corsair M95? I’m debating between that and the strongly recommended 502


Thanks again for your help everyone. I bought the Logitech G502 and I’m giving it a test run. @dupalec, @XhameX and @Insane_521. Have you played Evolve with it? What were your mouse bindings?


I haven’t played Evolve with it, I’ve got G502 for only few weeks, i played on G500. I don’t remember changing anything. There is no “melee” on hunters, and melee on monster was normal attack with LMB, so i don’t recall rebinding anything. On the other hand, like i said previously, i really do dig that laser sensor. For testing purposes, i even purchased CS:GO. If you have it though, check this article:

This map: will help you with finding your “natural sensitivity”, then this website will help you adjusting all games to the same sensitivity across the board.


Wow. Great info. Thanks a bunch!


I’m gonna be the outlier here and bring up the Roccat Kone XTD. I have owned Logitech mice, and though they are great mice, I hate the feel of them in my hand. I spent 3 years with a Razer Mamba that I got for cheap at Goodwill, and that was probably my second favorite mouse. The Kone is easily my favorite mouse. The features it has is overkill for my usage, but the grip, and the feel in my hand is the best I’ve ever had. Durable, also. I’ve banged this thing on my desk for well over a year now, and still acts like brand new. I convinced my friend in Montana to get one, and he also has been extremely pleased with it.


I use the Razer Deathadder and I freaking love it, only has 3 buttons though (2 thumb and mouse wheel click)


I just bought THIS 12-button mouse today for only $40. It’s usually $100. Hopefully it ships soon, but Utech is quite a reliable brand for PC gear.